South Korea Steps Up Pressure For North Korea Dialog

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il paid homage to his late father Kim Il-sung today (Wednesday) as the country marked the 15th anniversary of ll-sung's death, amid North Korea's renewed standoff with the international community over its missile and nuclear programs.

In the meantime when South Korea's Minister of Defense, Lee Sang-hee  visits Russia and Mongolia later this month he will be speaking to his counterparts in dealing with North Korea and bilateral issues.

"Lee will present his country's stance on North Korea's behavior and seek cooperation from Russia and Mongolia," spokesman Won Tae-jae said, declining to elaborate as the agenda needs to be further refined.

On Tuesday, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak urged North Korea to stop its provocative missile tests and return to a dialogue with the international community, noting that the North's military threats are hindering South Korea's efforts to overcome the global economic crisis.

Also today, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak called on Poland and other European nations to use their close relationship with North Korea to help bring the communist state back to the dialogue table, saying a peaceful resolution of the North Korean nuclear standoff will not only benefit his country but the entire world.

Writer Full Disclosure - this posting was cut/paste from four different articles at Yonhap News Agency. Click links for full articles.


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