Tales From The American Political And Market Crypts

Markets screech in fear of conservative ideas that should be laid to rest permanently:

For the past several months, we've been told by various Serious People that European governments were being punished by markets for being too lavish on social spending, despite bond rates being at record lows (other than in peripheral countries subject to more specific attacks) - or would be punished if they didn't "reform" and lower taxes. The same has been promoted in the US, via the Catfood Commission and the whole noise machine against deficits and stimulus packages... Well, the US government did just what the Serious People wanted, with a nice fat tax cut for the rich, and bond rates jumped - ie markets actually literally hated the measures, selling off US bonds violently.

Bwahahaha! RIP conservative tax cut kool-aid.

Seems like they are burying us all in debt so the rich elites, the only ones with any real money to spare right now, can get more tax cuts so that they can have even more money to feast on the market crashes they create.

Yes? No? Maybe? Anyways... Think about it.

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