Tea Party No-Go: Priced-for-rich national convention cancelled. Truce or time for Armey to get the flock back in line?

Halfway into last week came reports that the tea party movement's national convention, Tea Party Nation, was moving too few tickets and would be cancelled. 

Originally scheduled to open in Las Vegas on October 14, “Ticket sales were simply not sufficient to support the convention,” according to organizer Judson Phillips

Phillips attributed the inability of convention-goers to afford the $399 ticket cost to the Obama economy, of course.  

But perhaps Phillips' wing of the tea party movement has simply been outresourced by the Koch's proxy under Freedomworks' Dick Armey?  Or, as Bill Berkowitz pondered in a Buzzflash commentary, today, perhaps the hidden struggle for control of the tea partiers has been quelled enough to reestablish enough comity in a truce between the hate-based and money wings of the former GOP, to cobble together the sorts of electoral wins they made tradition in recent decades?

As reported in Wisconsin last week, Republicans and the Koch-based tea partiers of Americans for Prosperity are certainly cooperating in traditional election-gaming, voter-suppression approaches famous as Karl Rove's trademark. 

So, who knows, with that sort of cooperation, maybe Armey won't have to get the flock back into the GOP if, perhaps, as Berkowitz suggests, the truce can at least hold through election day?

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