The Tea Party's Confused Waterloo

As we wind down to the end of the Healthcare Reform cycle we get a view of the the few Teabagrrrrs that bothered to show up in D.C. on March 16th to make their last stand in fighting against reforms that will likely be voted on tomorrow. New Left Media showed up with camera in hand and documented some of the embarrassingly empty talking points that make absolutely no sense at all. From TomK1960:

New Left Media has compiled one of the funniest (and most pathetic) videos in recent memory featuring interviews with Tea Baggers at the last health care protest in Washington D.C. Although sparsely attended.....the folks who do appear on camera exhibit the consequences of Fox News/Right Wing Radio/Glenn Beck influence to the point of parroting word for word what is preached by these people.

Prepare to be simultaneously amused and appalled at the misinformation you are about to be view in the GOP funded Tea Party Healthcare Reform Waterloo that comes up shorter than Napoleon both on the numbers that bothered to show up and the FOXified facts they toss around:


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