Their pay is only 15 Grand per week. How will they get by?

We can sit back and worry about how these poor people will get by in this economy (the disaster economy that they created) or we can work from the pragmatic point of view of reality and tell them to suck it up and tighten their own damned belts instead of trying to squeeze the middle class and the poor even more than they already have to pay for their own disasters:

Writing in the Financial Times, John Podesta and Robert Greenstein argue against extending the Bush tax cuts “for the top 2 percent of earners, whose average annual income is $800,000.” They note that “a few centrist Democrats are joining the conservative stampede,” and conclude, “We cannot afford to let blind ideology and rabid partisanship threaten sensible economic policy.”

I know it would be tough on them to have to try and get by with about 400 or 500 dollars per week less when they are only earning about $15,384.00 per week give or take a few pennies...

Know what I mean? How many of you could get get by on $500 per week less when it is more than your weekly paycheck?

Perspective is everything.

And people earning $66,666 per month?

I will never, never ever, shed one tear over them paying a few percentage points more in taxes. Nor will I ever worry about their empty threats.

And we are well past the time to declare a class war on those that are still trying destroy the middle class.

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