"Is There a Predator Drone Near Gainesville?"

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Michael Collins

Military historian and author, Brian Downing, is more than a little perturbed at the foolishness of Koran burning in Gainesville, Florida (site of the most egregious election fraud in 2000). (Image)

As best as I can tell, that plowhand in Gainesville has never even had the benefit of half-idiot pedagogues and brokendown preachers. He acquired his theological learning by watching Jimmy Swaggart on the TV and taking copious notes.

There’s a plow-hand preacher born every time a pledge number lights up on the screen. But what about congregations? They must be coming even faster than the rubes at a carnival midway. “Step right this way and see the burning books!” The Agonist

It gets better ...

One of Jones’s acolytes assures us that burning the Koran will not endanger American troops. Associate pastor Wayne Sapp (I’m not making that name up) says that it simply isn’t so and that people are accountable for their own actions. Sapp wears a .40 big iron on his hip as he strides about the perimeter of the church grounds – perhaps humming Marty Robbins songs and looking out for Texas Red or Osama bin."

Downing hits the nail on the head here:

And of course our enemies in the benighted parts of the globe are illiterate hayseeds without any comprehension of the greater world, blinded by religious dogma and intolerant of those who don’t share their world skew.

Full article here - Is There a Predator Drone Near Gainesville? or “If that don’t fetch ‘em then I don’t know Florida”

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