They got a lot damned gaul talking like that:

It was bad enough listening to the Obama administration and Democratic party politicians, in general, talking about student loans and using all of the same arguments we were making for Single Payer as the reasoning to change that system but refusing to use the same arguments for healthcare...

But watching the GOP use the same Single Payer arguments to protect Big Oil from the high costs of insuring their own disasters?

Just way beyond the pale:

The GOP's oil spill single payer plan

Republican scheme for insuring oil companies against disaster looks a lot like a sensible healthcare plan would

This "WTF?" moment was brought to you with a h/t to lambert at Corrente.

DrSteveB wrote on the not so funny complete disconnect in the arguments over healthcare and student loans while the media played hide the Single Payer:

Dr. SteveB Writes on PBS Self-Censorship; Middleman; Stock Puppet

2. College Loan Program / Pell Grants Reform as a Model

The Obama folks have decided to get rid of the corrupting and wasteful middlemen of banks, and provide college student loan programs (principally the Pell Grants) directly via the government. Cutting out the no-value-added four billion dollar subsidy to the banks, will allow more students to get more dollars at lower cost. There have also been some kickback scandals, with college loan officers directing students to loaners that gave them money.  That's what happens when what should be a public service gets artificially privatized and put into a for profit arena.

No doubt our education blogger have more to say about this subject. It is just that us single-payer advocates have noticed this seemingly real reform, and immediately see an analogy to health care reform. If only the Obama administration and congress would get rid of the similarly no-value added, cost's a lot, distorts the entire system middlemen of the for profit private insurance companies.

Unfortunately, the only middleman I did like lately got cancelled. sigh.

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