Thom Hartmann discovers the untold story of the first Boston Tea Party!!

In London, Thom Hartmann found and bought the only first-person account of the 1773 Boston Tea Party in existence.  

George R. T. Hewes coined the phrase, 'the Boston Tea Party' and authored the history of the party that led to the American colonists' overthrow of the East India Company puppets, their British colonial rulers.

The original tea party was caused by the granting of corporate tax cuts to the biggest corporation in the world, the East India Company.  The rulers of the colonies wanted to kill their indigenous colonial competition who were also trying to sell tea against the wishes of the global mega-corporation.

The American experiment in democracy was the result of that revolution.

Time to wake today's tea partiers up from their nightmare and America's with the real story, it's great!

There is a horrifically rich irony in the fact that this word is getting out by way of Russia Today, rather than American commercial media.  

What's wrong with this picture?!  Nothing, I think, since ePluribusMedia was born of the effort to short-circuit and overthrow the existing order, that of media controlled by the interests of the monied corporations.  

Sounds like Thomas Jefferson to me!

Pass it on!

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Thanks for posting about it. :)

...that I encountered today, as told by reporter Bill Moyers. It's very relevant to what we're doing in the Middle East, I suspect. It describes the history that gave rise to the CIA and our first overthrow of a democratically elected government, in Iran, at the direction of a newly minted national security operation.
Of course you know that there's much more to even that early a telling of the history, by Moyers, so the clip is well worth the watch.

It aired on PBS in 1987 and is as good as anything on the tape (must see). Moyers is a very respected TV journalist who also worked for Lyndon B. Johnson and has a very professional approach. He interviews many different people involved with the CIA and other government agencies. His documentary gives quite an overview of what has actually happened in the last 50 years regarding the CIA and the cold war (including Iran, Guatamala, Cuba, Viet Nam and Chile). He features such people as Ralph McGeehee and Phil Retinger (both former CIA agents), Rear Admiral Gene La Rocque (Ret. U.S.N.), Theodore Bissell (active in the CIA at the time), Sen. Frank Church and many others. Moyers is so very credible. The full video "The Secret Government" is 90 minutes - this segment is edited by Frank Dorrel to 20 minutes.