Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Tsunami Impact, Tech Shortage Edition

The tsunami that struck Japan in the wake of the recent major earthquake has wrought tremendous damage in terms of both loss of life and physical destruction. But the impact isn't limited to Japan. Via Mashable (hat-tip Roxy);

As Japan digs out from its worst earthquake and tsunami in recent history, and engineers scramble to contain the damage at the Fukushima nuclear plant, another crisis is unfolding behind the scenes: massive disruption to the global supply chain.

As relatively unimportant as it may seem, Japan’s factories are the lifeline for electronics companies the world over. Some 20% of all semiconductors and 40% of all flash memory chips sold in the world’s smartphones, tablets, cameras and computers are made in Japan.

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Affected manufacturers and suppliers include Toshiba, Sony, Texas Instruments and Hitachi. See the original Mashable article for more detail on the products impacted, and share your thoughts in comments below about what other types of impact the series of disasters may have on both Japan and the world at large.

Keep the Japanese people in your thoughts, meanwhile, and remember: This is an Open Thread.


Found this on our local CivicBeat Site ... of note are the two comments to the short post referencing a Wall Street Journal article.