Two Years, Three Months.

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On 60 Minutes tonight, they did a piece on the deep recession. The part that hit hard was hearing how many people have lost their jobs, their 401K, their IRA, savings and other retirement -- and many who have been in that situation for two years or more after being successfully, gainfully employed before the bottom fell out of the economy.

One of the most striking -- to me -- has been unemployed for two years and three months.

That's before the 2008 election. That's sometime around July 2008.

That's before Obama won the presidency. That's when Bush was still president, and the GOP still had significant control of Congress. The economy was still in free-fall.

And nobody was being held accountable.

It's now October 2010. The freefall has been arrested -- for now -- but all efforts to spur a strong recovery are being actively resisted by both the GOP and the Tea Party, spurred on and supported by growing donations from the corporate elitists and oligarchy who have stepped up to the plate to take up the slack after the Abramoff money sluice was interrupted.

Two years and three months.

Republican obstruction and abuse of the filibuster at an all-time high -- they are working against repairing the damage they've caused, to the detriment of the nation.

Isn't that treason? Sedition?

Isn't it un-American?

It's certainly not moral, ethical, Christian or righteous.

The GOP once promised to uphold a "Contract With" America that became a "Contract On" America; they've since added a "Pledge To" that they appear intent to turn into a "Plague Upon."[more] One of their former (and disgraced) high rollers, Newt Gingrich, expects people to sheepfully do as he says, not as he does and feels no remorse over the arrogant, blatant hypocrisy of his words. Likewise, the insanity of anyone who still believes the rhetoric coming out of today's Republican party has obviously overlooked their complete disconnect between what they say and what they do -- the party of "moral" values?


More like the party that exemplifies that old phrase 'the devil quotes Scripture' written out in blinding neon yellow against a darkened sky.

After 8 years of lies, corruption, sedition and treason, the GOP has done everything it can to hold back progress, refusing to grab a mop and instead openly defecating on the floor of the House and Senate with promises of investigations and threats of impeachment.

They've helped build the Tea Party, providing additional funding to the faux grassroots group that a couple of billionaire brothers[more] spawned as part of their own ongoing attempts to undermine progress, freedom and democracy in America.

If ever any political organization deserved to be branded as anti-American and watched for seditious, treasonous activity that endangered our nation, undermined our democracy and threatened our infrastructure, today's GOP fits the bill hook, line and sinker.

Who in their right mind would allow them to gain even one seat in any government, local or state or federal?

Why can't people simply vote to break the back of this vitriolic infestation, so that we could begin rebuilding anew and give our nation -- and our people -- an honest chance to finally start recovering from the damage that the GOP and their ilk have inflicted upon us?

For our nation to heal and grow, we have to first cut out the infection and inoculate the body politic against further infestations and outbreaks. Then we can start building it up by removing those candidates who aren't doing enough, who aren't fighting hard enough, who aren't holding people accountable for their actions (or lack thereof), who aren't working and striving to build a stronger national infrastructure and social safety net.

If we don't cut out the virus first, it doesn't matter whether we slap at the other aches and pains that degrade our body politic.

Vote smart this November. Don't vote Republican. Don't vote for their Tea Party alternatives. Vote to replace them; don't avoid voting -- that's like giving them one more chance to seize back control and send us back into a death spiral.

Two years and three months ago, our problems were accelerating toward inevitable cataclysm. The Republican Recession -- the Great Recession, or The Second Great Depression -- started under their watch.

Don't be stupid. Don't give 'em back control of the ship. They'll sail straight back to the same waters, scuttling the lifeboats as they go.


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I'm hoping to put a piece up on this article tomorrow. But for now, I'll just excerpt a short segment of what I think is an essential message by Robert Parry that is wholly in agreement with your article.

In response to the tide of angry progressive voters claiming that they'll sit out this cycle, to teach the Dems a lesson, Parry describes the ultimate DANGERousness of doing so.  He attributes injury and death to millions after just four such elections, to 'teaching Dems a lesson'.  It's a woeful tale but I'm afraid too true to ignore at a critical juncture. 

Please read Robert Parry's article, and consider.

...However, modern American political history tells us that this strategy never works. After the four key elections in which many progressives abandoned the governing Democrats in 1968, 1980, 1994 and 2000 not only did Republicans take U.S. politics further to the right, but the surviving Democrats tacked more to the center and grew more timid.

All four elections also were marred by GOP dirty tricks that drew little or no reaction from either the governing Democrats or the progressives, emboldening the slash-and-burn Republicans to operate in an ever more audacious style.

Tragically, too, the Left's sideline-sitting contributed to the unnecessary deaths of millions of people in wars from Vietnam and Central America to Iraq and Afghanistan. Arguably even worse, U.S. inaction on global warming a neglect surely to be continued if Republicans and Tea Partiers are victorious in Election 2010 may doom the future of a livable planet.

In other words, the "teach-the-Dems-a-lesson" strategy not only doesn't work, it's extremely dangerous....

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government in a trial of strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country." - Thomas Jefferson

Good article -- haven't finished reading through, but the importance of snapping people out of that mythos is paramount.

They are killing us.