Union of Concerned Scientists: Defending Science at the EPA

The following is an appeal I received from the Union of Concerned Scientists, which I obviously support:
Dear UCS Supporter,

During the Bush administration, the White House worked to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from protecting us from formaldehyde pollution, smog, and global warming. In fact, White House officials secretly manipulated or suppressed EPA scientific analysis on each of these issues and many others.

And we all suffered for it.


ow, the EPA is drafting a scientific integrity policy that could keep politics out of EPA science. But the agency’s first draft still gives the White House the opportunity to censor or suppress scientific research from the agency—and the public would never be the wiser.

Please encourage the EPA to release its research results before the White House—or other federal agencies—have the chance to manipulate them.

Take Action Today!

Write the EPA today
Urge the EPA to create a policy that prevents the White House or other federal agencies from censoring or manipulating scientific research.


Michael Halpern
National Field Organizer
UCS Scientific Integrity Program

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