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VIDEO: Aruba Petroleum Toxic Spill in Barnett Shale

Originally posted 2009-11-01 20:54:20 -0400; promoted by carol.

I think it's important that everyone know the complete cost of the energy we use. That's why I often tell the very personal stories of victims of natural gas development. This story is about Tim and Christine and the land they thought they owned. The owner of the mineral rights under their land leased to Aruba Petroleum and Aruba exercised eminent domain and took approximately 4 or their 5 acres to develop the natural gas underneath. Their American Dream turned into a nightmare.

As promised in an earlier post, here is some of the video footage from the spill at an Aruba Petroleum drilling site in the Barnett Shale. More video that exposes Aruba Petroleum employees' attempt at a cover up coming soon. A first person, eye witness account is posted HERE.

What you won't see in these videos: You won't see the workers at the Aruba Petroleum drill site springing into action to prevent the spill or to clean it up. Where is everybody?

As this story unfolds, you will see a pattern of intimidation used by Aruba Petroleum in an effort to silence landowners. This pattern of intimidation is not unique to Aruba.

Kasey [Aruba Petroleum employee] asked me who had contacted a company in California about a sound barrier. I told him that I had. Tim returned shortly thereafter and started taking pictures of the vehicles in the pasture. Kasey told me that if Tim did not stop, he would have to get a restraining order and Tim would not be able to come home.

For more information on how Aruba Petroleum conducts drilling operations see these posts (and don't miss the comments):

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Also note the latest findings about drilling toxins in the Barnett Shale air to see what Tim, Christine and their daughter are breathing. (They live in the county with the most VOCs.)

Toxin Discovery in Barnett Shale Air

New Investigation of Toxic DISH Air


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H. Griffith on November 3, 2009 - 08:32

With each passing day we are hearing about more and more of these incidents. It is a crying shame when someone loses their dream. We do live in America and it is our right to peruse that dream. casino en ligne

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TXsharon on November 3, 2009 - 17:27

They threatened to get a restraining order on her husband for taking pictures on his own property.

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