Voter ID Laws Suck

  • Posted on: 17 July 2011
  • By: Roxy

They would have us believe that 75% of Americans support Voter ID Laws.

Support remains high for requiring voters to show photo identification before being allowed to cast their ballots.

The RNLA is trashing Jesse Jackson, Bill Clinton and other dems on this:

This past Monday, the Rev. Jesse Jackson called the South Carolina voter ID law a modern day “poll tax.” [snip]. Last week, Bill Clinton said, “There has never been in my lifetime, since we got rid of the poll tax and all the Jim Crow burdens on voting, the determined effort to limit the franchise that we see today.”  [snip] DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz complained that Republicans "want to literally drag us all the way back to Jim Crow laws" and announced that “Photo I.D. laws, we think, are very similar to a poll tax.” [snip], Wisconsin State Senator Bob Jauch made the statement, "Jim Crow, move over – the Wisconsin Republicans have taken your place.”  

This argument is not about race, or financial demographic.  It is about disenfranchising American citizens that should have the right to cast a vote.

This issue is very personal to me, as it impacts my 102 year old mother.  Her right to vote has always been very important to her. She was 11 years old when women won the right to vote:

In 1918, Congress passed what became, when it was ratified by sufficient states in 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment, which prohibited state and federal agencies from gender-based restrictions on voting.

BUT, because she never got a driver's license, or any other form of photo ID, she is now not allowed to vote. We have tried over the last several years, but without a Certificate of Live Birth, we can't get a photo ID.  She was born on the prairie, there was never a Certificate of Birth, just her Baptismal Certificate.  That was good enough back in the early 70s to get a  Social Security card and Medicare card but not good enough for Post-911 America to get a photo ID.  

NO photo ID:

  • NO voting
  • NO flying the friendly skies,
  • NO leaving the country.



I can't believe the Republicans want to go on and on about how wonderful American democracy is yet they don't believe every American should be allowed to participate in the same democracy.

I have been upset about this since 2007 ... commented about it here on cho's excellent commentary -- Voter Fraud and Fired U.S. Attorney Paul Charlton -- and then diaried about the problem here Stacking the Deck. More and more states are jumping on the bandwagon and more and more people will be like my mom, just one requirement away from being a REAL citizen.

I moved back to Ava, Mo. this Spring/April and asked at the library if they had a voter registration card I could fill While at the DMV in April, transferring registration of our truck from TX to Missouri, I overheard the clerk asking a person about voter registration. Okay, I remembered motor voter..and asked for a card and got mailing address of county clerk. Well, in Missouri you don't need a driver's license to vote....this should be a breeze.

Turns out that I got a rejection letter from the county clerk's office and I was rejected due to not having driver's license information on the app. but the app. had no request for this (they could not verify I was who I said I was). I gave the clerk's office a call and it seems there is a place for driver's license info in her database..I have a TX driver's license as I had 180 days to get Mo. license. She told me it was best to wait until I had Mo. driver's license. I was don't need a license id to vote but to register to vote you do.

I got on the net and found Mo. site and emailed "First Vote". Got an email back stating I would be hearing from this clerk soon.

Okay, I filled in my TX driver's info and put rejection letter in S.A.S.E. to the, I got an accepted unsigned letter. I am still waiting for my voter reg card and this has been since early May.

I must be a rogue mongrel from TX doing things out of order. It seems the norm is that you get a Mo. driver's license and fill out voter app. at DMV and the DMV forwards this info to county clerk.

I did make a suggestion to the "First Vote" site email I sent that an audit might be a good idea to see whom else was rejected.
This small town is pretty resource starved but that does not seem to excuse ignorance. Oh, BTW, you cannot be rejected from voting if you possess a valid out of state drivers license.

Imagine if I was an elderly person or just accepted rejection letter and shrugged...and said oh well. People need protection and county clerk's need training. And to Roxy's Mom...I sympathize...I had to produce an "original" birth certificate to obtain my driver's license...I don't have a passport which was acceptable also. So is a passport the key?

The Passport Office tried to get a special waiver for her, but the TSA denied it.  You need a Birth Certificate for a Paasport too ...

  • Previously issued, undamaged U.S. Passport
  • Certified birth certificate issued by the city, county or state*
  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Certification of Birth
  • Naturalization Certificate
  • Certificate of Citizenship 

I believe you are correct about people just giving up and not pursuing problems with registration if the get a rejection letter. Those in the ePluribus family are well aware of the problems with the voter registration laws around the country.  I am glad you perservered and won. :) 

I would like to make my mom the poster child for disenfranchised voters ... to really put a face on the folks that are being filtered out of the voting process. We have affadavits signed by two of her sisters that were present at her birth, her Certificate of Baptisim and her marriage license..  Those were the documents used back in the 70s when she applied for Social Security after my dad died.  These days (post 911) the affadavits are worthless as they are not notorized, the Baptisimal Certificate is not recognized as an official document any more (apparently it used to be), so we are up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

The Politics Behind New Voter ID Laws

Chapin says there's not only no evidence of widespread fraud, but "you really haven't seen, despite the rhetoric to the contrary, a whole lot of evidence that there are large numbers of people who are registered to vote, or want to register to vote, and don't have the kind of ID that would be required."

As I sit here thinking this morning, just wonder how many documents you Mom's name is typed on...birth certificates of children she birthed, property she has owned/mortgaged or given in land grants, marriage licenses, and past voting records/cards issued in her name. I too have a certificate of baptism but no one asks for that nor is a hospital issued certificate of birth with footprints/mother's thumbprints admissable.

My ancestors were pioneers, "Boomers", they were called. I have records because my father kept all the paperwork and he was born in 1909. My father's mother crossed the prairie in a covered wagon at 3 years old....and she birthed my Dad at the age of 45.
Just a different time in American history but no less important today and should be recognized that written records may just not be there anymore. Let's also remember that women were pretty well one's father, husband, etc. were primary.

I was beside myself when I was rejected voting rights here in Missouri....and something has to be done for the needless angst your Mom is going thru and most likely many others.

We can prove who she is, just can't prove that she was ever born. The last time I had her in to the DMV she told them ... "I had to have been born. I'm standing here in front of you, aren't I?".