Watchdog Group Calls On Lawyers Practicing In The Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals To Reject Judge Jay Bybee

Newly Released Department of Justice Report Further Discredits the Former Bush Administration Torture Lawyer

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DC: On Friday, Department of Justice Associate Deputy Attorney General
David Margolis found that Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Jay
Bybee exercised “poor judgment” when preparing legal memos advocating
torture of detainees in US custody.  Mr. Margolis also released a
report from the DOJ’s Office of Professional Responsibility, which
found that Mr. Bybee engaged in “unprofessional conduct.”  That
300-page OPR report is a blistering indictment against Mr. Bybee,
accusing him of ethical transgressions such as intentionally ignoring
established case law‑‑including that from the Supreme Court‑‑that
directly contradicted his position.  

The Disbar Torture Lawyers campaign,,
consisting of scores of government accountability groups representing
over a million members, last year filed a disciplinary complaint
against Jay Bybee with the Washington, DC Bar seeking his disbarment.
 Today, the campaign supplemented that complaint with the DOJ and OPR

The campaign now calls on Jay Bybee to resign. “Judge Bybee can no
longer pretend to be fair, impartial, or to exercise good judgment,”
said attorney and campaign spokesperson Kevin Zeese.   “He has been
found to possess all the qualities that people do not want in a judge —
bias, poor judgment, predetermination, failure to follow established
law, and professional misconduct.  Add that to his intentional
withholding of information from the Senate during his confirmation
hearings and it is clear that he cannot effectively serve as a judge,
nor even as an attorney.  He should resign or be impeached. Until Bybee
resigns or is removed from the bench, we call on all lawyers of the
Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals to file motions to disqualify Judge
Bybee, should be assigned to their cases, on the basis of these
official findings of poor judgment and professional misconduct. No
plaintiff or defendant should be subjected to the authority of a judge
who has been so thoroughly discredited.  We call on every plaintiff and
defendant whose case is assigned to Judge Bybee to demand that their
lawyer file a motion to disqualify him, and if the lawyer refuses, to
take action against the lawyer for failing to protect their interests
and the integrity of the judicial process.”

Lawyers can find the DOJ and OPR documents as well as dozens of other
documents related to Judge Bybee and other torture lawyers on the site.  The campaign has filed disciplinary
complaints against 15 Bush Administration lawyers who advocated torture
of US detainees.



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would you want a torture advocate presiding over your case if you were ever to be tried for anything? I would think not. Nor should any lawyer with a lick of common sense.

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and I appreciate the repair of the font size issue, presents much more pleasantly, thanks!

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Well lookey here...President Obama nominates Mr. Liu. Could this be a payback?

Liberal Reputation Precedes Ninth Circuit Court