What a great 18 hours to be in the LGBT news business

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It started about Noon (ET) Thursday afternoon looking for feeds to cover the Vermont House vote on same-sex marriage.

After finding an audio feed from Vermont NPR and a video feed from WPTZ an NBC affiliate in upstate New York I was ready to cover this event by tweeting updates on the Twitter feed LGBTNEWSCENTER, the feed for LGBT Rainbow Links Newscenter.

The hearing in the House started at about 3:30 PM, broke for a dinner break just after 6:00 PM and resumed about 7:30 PM and was over by 9:30 PM with the House passing S-115 with a vote of 95 for, 52 against.

At times in the evening session, it became a very emotional thing to listen to as several of the House Representatives are gay and through emotional and personal testimony explained why S-115 should be passed. I admit, I had a tear or two in my eyes more than a couple of times during their testimony.

By the time I was done, I had tweeted over a hundred times, letting followers know what was going on, what was being said at different times and providing links in some tweets so folks could linkup themselves.

Then Friday morning it was time to keep an eye on Iowa and its Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.

Again using feeds to give me real-time information, I hooked up with Iowa NPR and KCCI-TV in Des Moines.

Because this was going to be the release of a ruling, I didn't send out tweets until the ruling was released, and there it was, just before 8:45 AM (CT), the ruling came down in favor of same-sex marriage, with Iowa now being the third state to allow same-sex marriage.

Within seconds (I had the tweet filled out with the exception of the words OK or NO) of the announcement I had the Breaking News tweet up and on the feed.

What a great time to be in the LGBT news business and doing it all from my desk at home.

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