What she said: Louise Slaughter - "Senate bill isn't health reform"

Rep. Louise M. Slaughter, a Democrat, represents the 28th Congressional District of New York.

I agree with Congresswoman Slaughter and she says it pretty simply so I just want you to see her editorial, at CNN.

A Democrat's view from the House: Senate bill isn't health reform:

Washington (CNN) -- The Senate health care bill is not worthy of the historic vote that the House took a month ago.


Now don't get me wrong; the current House and Senate bills are a significant improvement over the status quo. Given the hard path to reform and the political realities of next year, there is a sizable group within Congress that wants to simply cut any deal that works and call it a success. Many previous efforts have failed, and the path to reform is littered with unsuccessful efforts championed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Bill Clinton.

Supporters of the weak Senate bill say "just pass it -- any bill is better than no bill."

I strongly disagree -- a conference report is unlikely to sufficiently bridge the gap between these two very different bills.

It's time that we draw the line on this weak bill and ask the Senate to go back to the drawing board. The American people deserve at least that.

No votes yet


Herzenhorn/NYT, this morning:

In 1965, the Senate created the Medicare program by a vote of 68 to 21, with 13 Republicans joining 55 Democrats in favor, and 7 Democrats joining 14 Republicans in opposition.

Law, made in the normal way.

Today? Today we get a Rep from the House acting like "Elmira Gantry", bullying the pulpit, holding high her version of the stone tablets, exhorting her followers to "Action!! Action!!". The very mirror image of Boehner on the other side: two stupids working *real* hard to make a smart. Best free entertainment around.