While We Look At Prop 8, More Iraqi Gays Die

This morning I wrote a rather in-depth commentary about the continuing plight of LGBTs in the Middle East, in particular Iraq, where more Iraqi gays have been found murdered recently.

I waited until today to let most of the Prop 8 writeups and blogger op-eds dry up so this piece could surface in the LGBT blogosphere.

For those you have not followed any of the articles (few and far between), Network news coverage (little if any) in regards to one of the fallouts of the invasion of Iraq, this may come as quite an eye opener.

Were it not for a source and friend I have been communicating with over the past year (he himself, even though having fled Iraq, is a target for not only being gay, but an outspoken critic of what is happening in Iraq, Iran and the overall in tolerance towards LGBTs in the Middle East) I myself would not have become as aware of the plight of gays and the ordeal of torture and murder they suffer at the hands of religious zealots and fundamentalists.

In fact if not for my friend and other Middle Eastern reporters who are brave enough to file some stories with International Press Agencies which some news organizations here in the US (ABC recently) pick up every once and a while, the "cleansing" of homosexuals would go on unreported.

It is certainly going on unchecked when our own Administration and State Department has said little to condemn the murders which, in my opinion, are just as evil and vile as the Nazi's cleansing themselves of Jews.

Today's commentary can be found at FOCUS.


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