A Who's Who on the Riot Scene

Raw Story carries a picture IDing town hall riots who were deployed in a similar capacity by the Repbublican vote-stealing apparat in 2000. They also have feature  video from  MSNBC's Maddow show.

'Brooks Brothers riot alumni' connected to anti-health rallies

On November 19, 2000, a funny thing happened in Florida. You may remember this.

An angry mob of conservatives staged a riot inside a Miami-Dade County polling office and managed to shut down the most crucial Bush v. Gore recount in the country.

It was later discovered that some of these individuals were on the Bush recount committee’s payroll. They were just a few of "at least 750" Republican operatives flown in from around the country on the GOP's dollar.

Although originally described as a spontaneous uprising, it soon became clear that the recount riot was organized by then-Congressman John Sweeney (R-NY), who had issued the order to “shut it down.”

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I couldn't get the embed right but I thought the video was worth the slop.


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