Why Is Oil Spill Cleanup Technology So Outdated?

Doug Suttles of BP: Well, Tom, I'm not the best expert on the technology but I think events like this typically advance the technology by leaps and bounds....I think that probably part of the reason is there have been so few big spills. The events haven't driven the technology change that's out there. I think this event probably will.

Apparently it is because < shakes my head > they claim  they have not had enough oil spills to practice on:

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Meanwhile and exhibiting its infinite wisdumb in disaster manipulations, BP has decided to hire the Vampire Squid, among others, to teach them how to navigate the Gulf Gusher fall out:

With Need to Limit Liability, BP Hires Goldman Sachs

Slipped into this Reuters piece is the news that BP has hired Goldman Sachs as “advisers” for unknown purposes, in addition to Pete Peterson’s Blackstone Group and Credit Suisse Group. (Tip o’ the hat to Brad Johnson)

BP has hired investment banks Blackstone Group, Goldman Sachs Group and Credit Suisse Group as advisers, a source familiar with the matter said, without identifying the purpose of the advice.

It’s funny because if the Vampire Squid lived in the Gulf of Mexico, it’d be choking to death on BP’s oil. Assuming, of course, it doesn’t actually thrive on crude oil.

If anyone can teach BP to turn a disaster of their own creation into some kind of uber-profitable venture in disaster capitalism or make it an endless corporate welfare gravy-train at the American taxpayers' expense...

Well? Let's just say that I would not be surprised if BP is about to become an acronym for Beyond Petro-dollars.


"We knew how to profit, not how to protect."

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