Why? So they can move on to looking for the next loophole?

Sorry, but given these unethical corporations efforts to skirt the newly proposed laws - the very first loophole they saw was one that let them screw kids over - what do you expect them to do?

Dems Call On Health Insurers To Stop Dropping Sick Customers

"These rescissions hurt patients who need coverage the most, such as women diagnosed with breast cancer," the letter reads. "We are writing to ask all of your companies to end any such abusive practices immediately."

The group of Democrats calls on insurers to create a third party board that would review all recissions for evidence of "fraud or material misrepresentation" on the part of the insurance. If th evidence is not there, the recission would be denied.

Dems are asking corporations that are legally bound to find every way they can to make profit for investors to ignore one law in order to plug a hole in a flawed healthcare law? You may as well be asking a fox to stop eating chickens or a Congress Critter to stop taking lobbyists' money.

These corporations have a board already and their board understands that they need to make more money every way they legally can. People may have ethics and realize how wrong some things are but corporations have a mandate to turn a profit. A corporation that acts ethically in human terms would have to violate their responsibility to investors.

And this why pitting life against profit will always be a losing proposition.

It also exposes the real difference between a person and a corporation. You need the ethics of a human being to be a responsible citizen. And this why corporations can not and should not ever be counted among "We the real People". 

Corporations interests do not lie in creating a more perfect union, but only in creating a profit.

They aren't real people and can't do the right thing simply because of what is considered the ethical and humane thing to do by the majority of Americans or just because you ask them nicley.

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