Wings of Justice: Could George W. Bush end up behind bars?

To see this posed as a potentially serious question by the commercially-interested media caused my eyes to open a little wider than usual. After 8 or 9 years, they finally consider the prospect?

CNN: Could George W. Bush or some of his top aides end up behind bars?

And then assessed that unlikely outcome in light of the reluctance of Obama Administration to have even started down the retrospective path "look forward, not back."

It's exactly the willingness of political officeholders to overlook their predecessors' disdain for the Constitution and the once-hallowed rule of our law that recycles people like Dick Cheney into second and third terms. He's obviously extended the damage left undone in previous tenures.

Fortunately, beyond also egging wackos on to the farthest reaches of their peculiar universes (some in Texas are about to enshrine 'wisdom' of the likes of Newt Gingrich in their textbooks, have they seceded from the Union yet?), the large vaccuums of responsibility that forward-looking" Administrations leave behind have moved at least some grassroots efforts to creative work-arounds able to get the attention of retiring criminal classes.

Responding to Dick Cheney thinking out loud

"The approach of the Obama administration should be to come to those people who were involved in that policy and say, 'How did you do it? What were the keys to keeping this country safe over that period of time?'" Cheney stated. "Instead, they're out there now threatening to disbar the lawyers who gave us the legal opinions."

Brad Friedman( observes,

I don't believe I've seen any noteworthy discussion about disbarring any torture lawyers in the public domain other other than from' campaign [Disclosure: The BRAD BLOG is co-founder of VR], and certainly not from the Obama Administration, with which we have no relation...not by a long shot.

So, unless I'm wrong, it seems we (VR) have succeeded in getting Cheney's attention, at least.

Whether the CNN headline carries any weight as a signal of real threat to freedom and liberty for the former residents of White House, Inc., or not,

"You don't know where these things are going to end up," former CIA agent Peter Brookes told me. "They could go to very high levels in the government."

just maybe preventing similar deeds from the hands of the evil-doers who chipped away at our Constitution on the last round can stop the cracks in its foundation from getting any bigger. If disbarment prevents their ability to work in the legal system, maybe torture lawyers can be stopped from splitting more hairs to redefine what "the meaning of "IS" is?

Maybe not.

Finally, it is unusual for me to cite a TV program (since I don't watch!) and, much rarer that I'd use one to make historical reference in order to quote Adlai Stevenon. It seems the Buzzflash "Wings of Justice" judges are kindred spirits who've distinguished the closing argument of a Boston Legal episode, "Stick it," with their award. I'd recommend watching the six minute clip to ePluribusMedia members (sorry, don't think it's embeddable). Even if George W. Bush doesn't end up going behind bars, it's a good reminder of where we've been.

"It's far easier to fight for principles, than to live up to them."

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Warping the Constitution to permit torture and and illegal spying seems light years worse.

(against my own density, LOL!) to recognize just how far the spectra of ethical propriety and law-breaking have shifted during the interim.

Where Billy-boy's proclivities were once sufficient to trigger impeachment proceedings that coincidentally, included testimony on the precise adjustment of "IS", it now takes a minor rebellion to force a return by the ship of state to considering its own legal precedent and code.

The rusting of Justice by the corruption of the last decade, or so, is very disturbing. With our compadres apparently willing to tolerate the vast slippage evident in the yardsticks used to measure 'right and wrong', I'm afraid to try to understand how (or IF?!) it can be repaired.

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government in a trial of strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country." - Thomas Jefferson