Witness to a Child Bride - "What Would You Do?"

I found this video to be a bit disturbing. Not for the simple idea of polygamy, as I really could care less what consenting adults decide to do in their private lives, but for the fact that so many people (about 95% of them, give or take) did absolutely nothing as they witnessed what they thought was a 15 year old child being forced into marriage:

Forced Into Polygamy in Public
What Would You Do If You Thought You Saw a Child Bride?

Colorado City, Ariz., home to the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, seems like a town stuck in the 19th century. Women wear old-fashioned clothing and sport elaborately braided hairstyles, and the practice of polygamy -- having more than one spouse at one time -- is not uncommon.

The FLDS, which has been renounced by the Mormon Church for its practice of polygamy, has been accused of arranging marriages between underage girls and much older men who already have multiple wives. Young women have spoken out about allegedly being forced into marriage when they were as young as 14, and wishing they'd had help escaping their fates.

So how would people react if they thought they were seeing a young girl being forced into a polygamous marriage against her will?

Some thoughts below.

Just curious what you thought of this story that is really a report on the people that watched this scene play out. I am thinking that, even though I could care less about polygamy, I would have thought more people would have done something if they witnessed any child, or any woman for that matter, being forced into a marriage she does not want.

But that is easy to say when you have not been in that situation to witness something like this in the real world, I guess?

What do you think this says about America, in general? And what would you do?

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But first, that woman who reached out to the 15-year old girl was wrong.

She is exactly a hero, IMHO, as just someone who stepped out of their safety zone to do the right thing, despite that it's not easy to do, and seeking nothing more than the safety of the kid.


On Greenpeace's facebook page, they posted reference to the activists who shut down BP stations across Britain. Many commenters were supportive and probably all wonder the same thing I do. These are my speculations.

Delta Doc @Dave ....:  We don't seem to remember how to do 'activism' for the most part. Cindy Sheehan couldn't get an antiwar protest going in Washington two weeks ago. That'd seem an easy thing to get people to rail at, but nope.

I think corporations control so much of our government that people believe getting out in the street won't prove anything. Because government belongs to the corporations and their only constituents are shareholders and board members. 

Remember when Margaret Flowers couldn't be seated at the Baucus healthcare roundtable in the Senate? Because Obama's people had already sold the public option to industry for their support on a corporate-friendly health care reform bill?

But if you shut down the profitmaking cashcows like BP's service stations, maybe someone will listen? UK => US?