Xe Neverending Corruption and Crimes of Blackwater

From TPM, we get this little tidbit of news concerning Blackwater, a corporation so tarnished with corruption, gun running, muder, prostitution and rape of minors and other legal issues that they changed their name to Xe to try and dump the image they had built for themselves and other mercenary groups:

A lawsuit filed by two former employees of Blackwater charges that
the controversial security contractor defrauded the U.S. government,
including charging it for strippers and prostitutes, the New York Times reports.

Perhaps the most explosive charge in the lawsuit -- filed by a
married couple, Brad and Melan Davis, is that the company put a
Filipino prostitute in Afghanistan on its payroll under the "Morale
Welfare Recreation" category, then billed the government for her salary
and plane tickets.

I think TPM gets this story mostly right... But it seems that Blackwater/Xe may have actually been double billing for the prostitues' flights, as well as pretty much anyone else they could book on their privatized fraudulent err farce:

Ms. Davis also asserts that a Filipino prostitute in Afghanistan was
put on the Blackwater payroll under the “Morale Welfare Recreation”
category, and that the company had billed the prostitute’s plane
tickets and monthly salary to the government.

She also said
Blackwater management used a subsidiary company, Greystone Ltd., to
double bill the government for plane tickets between the United States
and Amman, Jordan, which served as a transit point for the company’s
employees in Iraq.

At least these two managed to get back to America to tell their story without getting killed by Xe bosses. From Raw Story back in September, '09:

The mercenary group formerly known as Blackwater International, which
was banned from Iraq by its government after a Baghdad massacre which
killed 17 civilians, will see its contract extended in the country by
the U.S. State Department, according to a published report.

ABC News reporter Kirit Radia notes:

“Sources say the department has agreed to temporarily continue using
the subsidiary known as Presidential Airways to provide helicopter
transport for embassy employees around Iraq until a new contract with
another security company, Dyncorp International, is fully implemented.
Presidential Airways is an arm of U.S. Training Center, which is a
subsidiary of the company Xe, formerly and still commonly known as

Controversy has surrounded the private security firm practically
since it was founded, but erupted anew recently when former employees
accused Blackwater’s founder and former CEO of murdering or facilitating the murders of other employees who were preparing to blow the whistle on his alleged criminal activities.

The sworn statements also say that founder Erik Prince and
Blackwater executives were involved in illegal weapons smuggling and
had, on numerous occasions, ordered incriminating documents, e-mails,
photos and video destroyed. The former employees described Blackwater
as “having young girls provide oral sex to Enterprise members in the
‘Blackwater Man Camp’ in exchange for one American dollar.” They add
even though Prince frequently visited this camp, he “failed to stop the
ongoing use of prostitutes, including child prostitutes, by his men.”

Some more background on Blackwater and Xe's running tab of disgrace:

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There are just way too much disaster capitalism angles to pick and choose from when it comes to their own brand of contracting mercenary corruption and crimes that you may as well just search our archives for Blackwater.

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