Teacher Pioneers Progressive Politics: An Interview With Tony Barr (Discussion)

Professor Aaron Barlow recently interviewed Tony Barr, a high school teacher with a penchant for progressive politics from Pennsylvania's 9th Congressional district. The text of the interview is now posted on the Journal.

Here's an excerpt:

Tony Barr teaches high-school students with learning difficulties in the heart of Pennsylvania, the state's ninth Congressional District. A dedicated progressive, Barr has taken on the thankless task of bringing critical issues to public attention in one of the most conservative areas of the state.

Professor Barlow had previously interviewed Mr. Barr in October of 2006, when Tony was running for Congress against Bill Shuster.  It was Mr. Barr's first of two attempts to win the heavily Republican district.

Check out the new interview on the ePluribus Media Journal, and discuss the article here.

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Barr makes an interesting statement:

We have an interesting paradox here. The people are pretty self-sufficient. If someone in the community gets sick or hurt, the word goes out and huge amounts of help are mobilized. As someone who was on the receiving end of this largess at one point, I have to say it is beautiful and truly humbling. These people take care of their own. Local Democrats, on the other hand, keep looking, and unfortunately, waiting for help from other places.  

(emphasis mine)


The local Democrats need to become more proactive if they want to invoke positive, progressive change.

What our next move is, I can't say at this point, but the question we are asking is, how can WE improve life in this area by moving the progressive agenda forward.

People in that part of the Country are no different than any other: labels are for products, not people. Anyone overloaded with bills to pay isn't looking for a 'progressive' or 'conservative', just someone who can help ease the pain.

labels are for products not people

Thing is, we have become just a "product" for the politicians and if they can force labels on us ...