Edumacating The Masses: Boob-Tube To The Rescue -- Schoolhouse Rock!

Governments in the modern world are far from perfect -- sometimes, they must engage in activities that aren't exactly wholesome. But when these activities are controlled and underscored by justifications that come across as complete hypocrisy juxtaposed against the realities of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, things get really messy.

With the recent misadventures of the US in the Middle East, and this recent story by Seymour Hersh (hat-tip FWIW), our nation is now showing itself to be one of the biggest hypocrits on the planet -- all courtesy of the Bush Republicans and their enablers. And, unfortunately, those other members of Congress who have failed to stand against them and decry their actions (and inactions).

Oddly enough, this does seem to be a rather stark departure from the nation born under these sentiments:

We're a nation formed under the concept of preserving rights and liberties, and to this end our founding fathers had defined a system of checks and balances to keep our three primary branches of government in a rough balance. Under the George W. Bush Administration, this system of checks and balances has begun to take on too many qualities of a three-ring this one, in fact:

Pay particular attention to when the judiciary is introduced, and "wrongs" are balanced against our "rights" -- interesting imagery.
I almost started to wonder and ask when they would send in the clowns, but then I realized I shouldn't bother: they're already here.

Schoolhouse Rock videos as found on YouTube.

A little more about Schoolhouse Rock, from their unofficial website:


Schoolhouse Rock originally aired on the ABC Television Network from 1973 to 1985. This classic series of three-minute educational vignettes combined animation, hip music, and catchy lyrics to tackle lessons in American history, the rules of grammar, multiplication tables, science, government, and finance. Its toe-tapping lyrics entered a generation's lexicon and, four Emmy Awards later, its melodies are still a pop-culture frame of reference common to an astounding number of under-30 Americans (above excerpt is from ABC Classroom Connection--Summer 1995)


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I know someone who thinks the way to read this amazing Sy Hersh piece is that Bush Cheney and Addington are working with others to provoke Iran into doing something which can be labelled "Provocation" (like the 5 boats in January)and be the excuse for a "Counter-attack" on Iran, not the "attack" everyone is expecting. Much easier to mobilize support from the terrified and panic stricken for defense than offense.

They point to the sections of the article about Jundallah being funded to attack Iranian interests, inside Iran, and how this means funding the people who provided an umbrella for the 1993 and 2001 Al-Queda attacks again. Google Jundallah news.

Otherwise, get out a map, or go to Google maps, think of the area of Centcom from Kursdistan Azerbajian and Georgia over to Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan and down to the Gulf as a unified theater under a unified command with a unified budget.

There's an article by Thomas Powers in the NY Review of Books on this and how some of the military brass feel about it(available on line).