The Bush Farewell Address: A Fantasy Test Run

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From YouTube:

Interesting take on the possible farewell's a version I like much better than the one I'm expecting to hear.


Anybody know if the networks are willing to run this one instead...?

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 At 8PM Eastern time, President Bush will bid farewell to the nation, and at the same time try and defend his legacy.

The AP reports via MSNBC on Bush's goodbye -- Bush says goodbye looking back and forward 

Bush and his loyal backers see his record this way: He kept the country safe from attack after terrorism redefined his presidency, cut taxes, freed the people of Afghanistan and Iraq, reformed education, oversaw 52 straight months of job growth, acted decisively when the economy tanked, stuck to principle no matter what his poll numbers, retooled the military and improved federal crisis management after the worst U.S. natural disaster happened on his watch.

And then there is this little gem from the departing Commander in Chief ...

"I don't think you can possibly get the full breadth of an administration until time has passed," Bush said in his final news conference this week.

Is he saying his "legacy" is only going to get worse.  I guess we all know we will be cleaning up his $h!t pile for many generations, but right now, we should be playing FDR's theme song ...

Go ahead, sing along! 



people to walk the streets of the nation singing that tonight, and most particularly on Inauguration Day.

Flash mobs of crowds spontaneously springing up, singing "Happy Days are here again" -- but most particularly in Crawford and in D.C. :)