FBI Resisted Detainee Abuse, Kept War Crimes File

Update -- thank you to srkp23 on dKos -- who now has a much more detailed write-up and hat-tips our heads-up. Check it out.

From the New York Times via Mercury News, Eric Lichtblau and Scott Shane report that the FBI tried to fight detainee abuse at Guatanamo Bay -- to the point where they even kept a growing file detailing abuses marked "War Crimes File" up until a senior FBI official ordered the file shut down some time in 2003.


"Beyond any doubt, what they are doing (and I don't know the extent of it) would be unlawful were these enemy prisoners of war," Bowman wrote in an e-mail message to top FBI officials in July 2003.

Many of the abuses the report describes have previously been disclosed, but it was not known that FBI agents had gone so far as to document accusations of abuse in a "war crimes file" at Guantánamo. The report does not say how many incidents were included in the file after it was started in 2002, but the "war crimes" label showed just how seriously FBI agents took the accusations.


War crimes. Committed by United States citizens.

Thank you, George W. Bush, Richard B. Cheney and Donald H. Rumsfeld. Thank you, Paul Wolfowitz and Alberto Gonzales, David Addington and Stephen Hadley. Thank you, John Bolton and Harriet Miers, Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell. And thank you, 109th Congress, specifically Tom DeLay, Dennis Hastert, Mel Martinez and Mitch McConnell, and all your little friends out there who went ape over Dick Durbin's comments when he first brought this abomination to light on the floor of the Congress in 2005. Your Republican majority and salivation over the prospect of a permanent Republican majority (HA! -- sorry, Karl!) led you to be known as the Rubberstamp Congress, and you upheld the title with foolish, arrogant pride.

You should all be so proud.

Your efforts have helped protect the Bush Administration -- and yourselves -- from the investigation of war crimes that you enabled and prolonged through this day and until the foreseeable future, at least until the last of your complicit supporters and obstructors of justice are dragged from the halls of Congress and replaced by lawful, upstanding citizens.

History will remember your names, your actions and your roles for many years to come.

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Who told the agents running the file to shut it down?

Why -- who told that person to shut it down, if anyone?

WHERE is the file now?

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