Hocus Pocus Political Misfocus

Ah, that infamous "life and art" imitating each other and making for wondrous incidents of irony...

From the Disney film starring Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Hmmm...let's take a look at Sarah's character, who was also coincidentally named "Sarah" --


The most beautiful of the trio, Sarah is boy-crazy, extremely ditsy, and also unbearably stupid. Her primary power is a siren song: granting her the ability to control children's minds with her voice. She also possesses uncharacteristically-refined knowledge of spellcasting in general...

Oh, dear. That almost sounds like the GOP's recipe for McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin...Let's have some offbeat fun, after the break, in honor of the Halloween month and the spooky shenanigans of the scary, fear-mongering party, shall we?

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"I Put A Spell On You"

In the movie, Winnifred Sanderson (Bette Midler) casts a spell on the adults -- all of whom appear to be rather weak-willed and unable to perceive the danger in their midst. Sounds...familiar. Almost like those low-information voters among the Conservative base who steadfastly support McCain-Palin in spite of the ill-qualified nature of the candidates to hold the office -- particularly when coming off the most disastrous eight years in our nation's history.

Sarah was evidently put to use casting a spell upon them with her siren's song, lipstick and hockey-mom down-home folksy goodness.

"Amuck! Amuck! Amuck! Amuck! Amuck!"

Just like the Sarah character in the movie, it appears that McCain's Sarah can't be permitted to go too far off-leash, however, lest she run amuck.

As we've seen via the Couric interviews, it's not a pretty site.

"Come Little Children, I'll Take Thee Away..."

Now that the McCain campaign is in free-fall, however, they've tried to stage a comeback after training Sarah carefully, grooming her and coaching her heartily in preparation for the debate with Joe Biden. They didn't expect her to win -- they just hoped she would be supported enough not to melt down.

They needed her to sing her siren song again, to cast her spell upon the childlike conservative mindsets and bring them once again under her thrall.

Sarah Jessica Parker, "Hocus Pocus" Belos@Poe1

To that end, their tactic worked; overall, their strategy is still failing to help them keep the polling margins close enough to enable them to run their normally deceptive ground game.

They're in trouble, and they know it.

Watch out for more attempts at spellbinding -- and perhaps McCain to don a Winnifred wig. They're going to need the power of three to pull out of this nosedive.



  1. "Come Little Children" 'Full' Version -- from the site POE, partial creation by Belos:


    Come little children
    I'll take thee away, into a land
    of Enchantment

    Come little children
    the time's come to play
    here in my garden
    of Shadows

    Follow sweet children
    I'll show thee the way
    through all the pain and
    the Sorrows

    Weep not poor childlen
    for life is this way
    murdering beauty and

    Hush now dear children
    it must be this way
    to weary of life and

    Rest now my children
    for soon we'll away
    into the calm and
    the Quiet

    Come little children
    I'll take thee away, into a land
    of Enchantment

    Come little children
    the time's come to play
    here in my garden
    of Shadows

    I had a person (Thx Jamie) ask me about this poem above,
    stating it had been credited on other sites to POE.
    So, let me make a correction that I claim ONLY partial creation.
    First, the (2) opening segments and the (2)
    closing segements are sung by Sahra Jessica Parker in the Disney
    film "Hocus Pocus" and I changed 'garden of magic' to "shadows",
    but all the stuff in the rest of the segments came from me
    ---such as it was---
    IF the song parker sings in the movie was from an original
    by Edgar Allen Poe, then you know more than I do.

    SO any claim I can personally make is the 4 inner segments.br>_____

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