May Madness: Invasion of the Giant Australian Barking Spiders

Beware the barking spider of Bowen, Australia!

Sophie in Sydney, reporting for the Times Online, tells of "scores" of eastern tarantulas, also known as "whistling" or "barking" spiders, have begun venturing about in public spaces in Bowen after heavy unseasonal rains pushed them out of their natural habitat.

Yes, the spiders are venomous. The spiders aren't considered "deadly" like other Australian spiders, but perhaps that's dependiing upon what one considers "deadly" -- something as big as those could likely scare a bloke to death without even having to hiss, whistle or bark, never mind actually biting anyone.  Often called "bird-eating" spiders, the eastern tarantulas don't actually eat birds, but "can kill a dog with one bite and make a human very very sick."

Reassuring, isn't it?

It's news like this that makes an Alaskan vacation look all the more appealing.

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They'd make good house guards -- instead of "Beward of dog" you could have "Beward of dog giant venomous guard-dog-eating spiders."

I'd probably choose to stay out of such a yard.

into Army housing at Ft. Drum, there was a tarantula that crawled out from under the rim of the toilet just as I was about to sit down... You never seen me jump up so fast in my life. Needless to say, I flushed it with a big pile of toilet paper on top of it to drag it down the drain. Then I turned the water on everywhere and flushed over and over to be sure the sucker wasn't coming back up any of the drains!

Who the heck leaves a tarantula in a house when they move out? Jeepers creepers.

Kinda brings new meaning to the term "housewarming gift" doesn't it?

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This spider is crawling all over the internet. In other words, all the internet is crawled by spiders ;)