Japan's Dream Machine -- Coming Soon?

Cute -- and with a variety of implications:



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Can you just "imagine" what a Bush-like creature could do with technology like that?!!!   We would have all ended up in Gitmo.  But you know what, even if they'd had such technology, I bet they would have still tortured people--just for the fun of it. 

Eric L. Wattree

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getting permission to eavesdrop on our conversations and electronic communications.  I am certain that they'd not hesitate to eavesdrop on our private thoughts.

And record them.

And distort them.

And then share them.

...but on the flip side -- we'd be able to use such technology to pull the truth out of them, or their minions, and put 'em away for a very long time.

(All in all, it's pretty likely such tech would be abused the instant it is proven feasible, tho...)

Let's say I could in future "type out" this message just thinking about the words or letters but not having any other "physical" contact with the keyboard. Is this eliminating the body from the communication loop as the video implies.

Depends on how you think the body and brain are related, don't you think?

There are now devices that can transmit voice responses to digital devices that turn the message into text. And in fact all recording devices digital or analog do something like that. Doesn't sound a bit spooky to us because we are completely familiar with the technology.

Wearing a scanning device and then directing your thoughts isn't sooooo different than sitting in front of a microphone and speaking them, now is it?


Speaking a verbal command or making a physical gesture, even a minute one, and having a machine pick up on those actions and translate them is one thing; those are "public" external stimuli.

Thinking something and not providing any external stimuli -- the machine being capable of seeing what is going on inside one's own head, which many people regard as their own person, unassailable bastion of privacy for their own thoughts -- is something else.  While it could significantly improve the quality of life for invalids and improve the degree of efficient interaction between man, machine and the world(s) around us, it also opens the door for illegal, illicit use of a machine to scan people's thoughts without their consent or knowledge.

Like the illegal wiretapping that BushCo has been performing since February of 2001 on all domestic electronic communications, only this would be one helluva lot more intrusive. 

Such technology comes with one extraordinarily sharp double-edged sword.

 might go instantly to Guantanamo based upon the next chapter in a novel or visualizing the opening scene of an action thriller.

OTOH, this presages a Rosetta Stone for understanding builiding blocks of thought.  It's wild to consider it as a window between the mind and the brain.

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I also am skeptical that anyone can read the kind of thoughts that might otherwise be spied on -- like what I think of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al.


I am much more conerned about robot drone's and other robotic instruments of war that, I have read, may in future be able to determine their own targets. If I were in a jokey mood about them I'd say this is the precursor of the revolt of the robots a la Sci Fi. To me the whole thing maps into things I have read that say our soldiers are being trained on video war games -- IMO so our our kids to the extent they get caught up in games with killer scenarios.

But it IS a beautiful Spring day here and I don't feel in a gripey mood really.