It came as no surprise to many of the folks here. Joe Lieberman supporting his buddy John McCain -- a Republican -- for President. Lieberman's "loyalty" to the Democratic Party was already doubted long ago; indeed, his loyalty to the nation, and to anything outside the Bush Regime, is doubtful.

Let's count some of the ways we'd noted Holy Joe's more notable signals of his true allegiance:

  1. Sealed with a Kiss: Lieberman's "Roving" Independence?
  2. Sealed with a KISS: Strange Bedfellows, Joe Lieberman and the GOP
  3. Joe Lieberman Filibusters Our Troops
  4. A Canticle for Lieberman
  5. Gates, McCain and Lieberman: Praying the Course in Iraq

Joe Lieberman -- the one true "Liebercrat" of faux bipartisan bearing -- holds several key committee assignments within the Democratic structure. As such, he has been able to refuse to investigate, to hold accountable, or even to initiate investigations into some of the most criminal acts and negiglent actions of the current Administration. He claims to use his committee assignments to faithfully execute the duties of his office...but what has actually he ~done~ with those committee assignments? Mmmmm...

USA Kevin Ryan's case dismissed - why?

Connecticut -- you need to put a recall option on your books for the future. In the meantime, pester the Democratic leadership to do something to mitigate, minimize, marginalize or disenchant Mr. Lieberman.


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