HACKED - Lieberman Lies

by avahome, greyhawk, luaptifer & roxy

Back on August 8th, 2006 luaptifer brought us the story HACKED! Lies, Lieberman and Message-mongering -- a look at the "hacking" of joe2006.com. Now, the FBI has concluded the same thing the netroots concluded a year and a half ago.

This just published on The Advocate:

A federal investigation has concluded that U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman's 2006 re-election campaign was to blame for the crash of its Web site the day before Connecticut's heated Aug. 8 Democratic primary.

The damage was done in 2006. The media picked up the meme, insinuating the Lamont campaign had done something nefarious with regard to Lieberman's website. Did this impact the election? We really have no way of knowing for sure, but the results of the FBI probe a year and a half later have little impact on the 2006 election.

Senator Lieberman lost the democratic primary to Ned Lamont, but quickly left the party to run as an independent -- an independent with the full backing of the Republican Party. Leading us to ask ourselves ... was the "Lamont hacked my website" meme a Rovewellian plot?

In Sealed with a Kiss: Lieberman's "Roving" Independence? GreyHawk, luaptifer, Intranets, and wanderindiana take a close look at Lieberman's Democratic disaffection.

A completely innocent interpretation [...] may lead one to believe the hype coming from the GOP and the Lieberman camp that Joe -- poor Joe, who just lost his Democratic primary bid -- is actually just a sweet guy who honors and supports his president even though they are from different sides of the aisle. Joe, a "bipartisan" Democrat, and George, a "conservative" Republican. Now that Joe's suffered a defeat at the hands of Ned Lamont, wouldn't it be sweet of Karl to jump on the bandwagon and lavish Joe with a kisses too, and perhaps a website to help him in his bid for independence? A catchy domain name like "ISupportJoe" or something like that...

This group of researchers/writers then followed up with Sealed with a KISS: Strange Bedfellows, Joe Lieberman and the GOP:

We sensed then that the story was more about shifting ties between Lieberman and the Republican party, and that GOP involvement in the CT-Sen race was not going to end with their own candidate. What we didn't expect was the immediate distancing of Republican support for one of their own, in lieu of attempting to swing support toward Joe. In light of this, we believed the main follow-up story to be the inevitable talking point propaganda and attempted "swiftboating" of the Lamont campaign, trumped-up terror alerts and a short hop through allegations of hacking that were reported to the FBI by Lieberman's campaign. We were wrong. There was -- and is -- more.

As greyhawk points out in A Canticle for Lieberman,

Joe Lieberman was returned to the Senate to represent ... Joe Lieberman. His growing affections for the White House and GOP Talking Points have since positioned him for relative sainthood in their mythical land of make-believe. As to where his true loyalties lay, there is no longer any doubt: he has forever foresaken the reality-based community.

The wheels of justice grind slowly, but they do grind. Joe Lieberman hacked his own website ... the FBI told me so.

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their file cabinet? This FBI investigation was over in October 2006... Do they think people are not interested?

I learned it in front of hack the vote, 2004 edition.

"Everybody feels it will be better off if this hits the fan after the election," said one agency official.

They kept blaming Lamont for the hack all the way up to the election in 2006, despite Lieberman and the AG of CT being notified much earlier than that.

Law enforcement, for THIS system of justice? Do you lean red or blue?

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government in a trial of strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country." - Thomas Jefferson

...the only person you can control is yourself. We must all keep on hammering and chipping away at this "everybody" mindset.