Iraq Vet Needs Help FAST

I just received the following E-Mail, any contacts you can make would Help this Vet and his Family. Your own Representatives, any Media you can think of, Anyone who might be able to Assist!!!


Sgt. Chavarria is an E5 with a stellar record. He has served in Kosovo and two tours in Iraq. During his second tour, he came home on leave and had a bit of a breakdown. He threatened to commit suicide and was hospitalized for three days. He sought mental health care afterwards. The Army gave him group therapy and TWO TWENTY-MINUTE visits with a military therapist. Based on those two visits, she diagnosed this 30 year old adult male with a personality disorder and his commander tried to force him out with a dishonorable discharge with no medical review board (this was in June). Sgt. Chavarria demanded a medical review board which recommended he have an opportunity to show evidence of PTSD and they said it was unlikey he had a personality disorder. He was told he should have a year to do this.

Yesterday morning he was given a packet signed by his battallion commander giving him TEN DAYS to clear out of housing and out of the military with a Chapter 5-13, dishonorable discharge, without orders, based upon a finding of a personality disorder, contrary to the recommendations of his medical review board.

He has four children and a wife relying upon him. Christmas is a few weeks away. He has six business days to try to salvage his career. He went to the Inspector General and they said that all he can do is appeal to the Colonel that signed this order and that colonel has not yet agreed to speak with him.

We have been helping him contact his Senators and District REpresentative as well as prepare his appeal based upon the chain of command's failure to follow recommended procedures.

Mel and Joe Tryon have talked with Jose and think this is a classic case of retaliation. We have contacted some local media as well as a reporter with 60 minutes.

IS there anything you all can do or would suggest or advise? Can any of you talk to Jose or Nancy or anyone in the media to help them?

AND WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO S1817? Did it go to committee to die?

Carissa Picard
Military Spouses for Change


If you visit 'Military Spouses' you can get the contact information for Carissa, this is the group that has been trying to get the Presidential Candidates to come to Fort Hood for a Forum/Debate!!!

James Starowicz
VFP Chapter 150


Just informed me that he was getting an Honorable not Dishonorable, there was some confusion as they were putting the letter out.

But either way, they're trying to Boot him out with No Disability nor Medical Investigation of the PTSD!

These Clowns have Already Been Caught on just this Crap and these Lacky Top Brass, looking for the Great Riches on the outside, are Still Playing This Bullshit!!

If they were sent to fight, they are too few. If they were sent to die, they are too many!

Is 'Funding' Really For Troops?

What Happened To Funding and Oversite For Military/Veteran Care In Previous Congresses?

"The wise man points to the stars and the fool sees only the finger - and discusses it 24/7 on cable."