Report Retort

DOJ OIG Report (.pdf/24 June):
3. Esther Slater McDonald
McDonald graduated from law school in May 2003. Following a judicial clerkship, she joined a Washington, D.C., law firm as an associate. On June 13, 2006, a partner at the law firm e-mailed Monica Goodling to recommend McDonald for a position at the Department. Goodling interviewed McDonald later that week.

After her sudden departure from the Department, we renewed our request to McDonald’s attorney to interview her. Through her attorney, she again declined. Accordingly, we have had to rely on the testimony of others, particularly Fridman and Elston, as well as the limited written record, to describe and assess McDonald’s actions in reviewing applications. [@ pg. 75]

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I feel so . . . informed. In a fast-food kinda way. Why? 'Cause this particular report will spread like oil on water in the vast information space of American media, and be huff'd, fluff'd, and puff'd throughout the great unwashed commentariat, right up to the moment the next lede takes the center ring. But we'll still get to watch the fun while it lasts.

There will be claims from all political quarters that the Department of Justice did/did not, properly/improperly, engage in legal/illegal practices that do/do not differ from previous Executive Branch efforts to further/thwart the administration of justice. The vast army of political appointees granted authority and responsibility within the consistently expanding ranks of our Executive Branch will continue their inexorable path leading to the revolving doors, through which they return to conduct business with their replacements.

It may be an ugly system, but it is ours. Placing so few in charge of so many for such a limited term of office, demanding they institute substantive change without damaging the status quo is a practice only a true lunatic could love. It's all there, between the covers of the Plum Book.

Oh yeah, the "report". Totally cymbolic.

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