Wanted: 2008 Ballot Foul-Ups

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Let's keep track of any 2008 balloting discrepancies that you come upon. I have already found one.

ND: Foul-up in North Dakota GOP absentee ballot applications About 20,000 absentee ballot applications mailed by North Dakotas Republican Party did not request information required by state law, but Secretary of State Al Jaeger wants county auditors to accept them anyway.

So I guess all ballots are not equal depending on the state powers. Either a state law has teeth or is ignored because the printer or review process didn't catch an error. Should the voter be punished and made to re-submit a corrected ballot?

In this particular ND case, the GOP goofed up...hard to tell if they were testing state law or just careless. BTW, ND has a Republican governor and Republican Secretary of State that said it was okay for these ballots to be counted.

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ElectionLaw covers legal aspects, including SoS, authorities, type of systems, case docs; and VerifiedVoting.org, which covers news, "paper trail" legislation, and has maps w/voting data down to the precinct level nationwide.

New York county prints ‘Barack Osama’ on ballots

Hundreds of absentee ballots sent to voters in New York State’s Rensselaer County, near Albany, were printed with Barack Obama’s last name spelled as “Osama," the Albany Times Union reports.

County elections officials tell the newspaper that it was a typo that made it by three rounds of proof-readers. They also said the error affected just a few hundred voters, and that they will re-send corrected ballots on request.


Stephanie O'Malley, Denver's clerk and recorder, said Saturday that nearly 11,000 ballots that had been reported missing Friday had never been prepared by the vendor.

O'Malley said an investigation led by the Denver Elections Division discovered that the vendor didn't prepare the mail-in ballots "due to a technical problem with the data file on the vendor's end."

She said the vendor, Sequoia Voting Systems, failed to notify city officials about the technical problems or tell them the company had only delivered about half of the requested 21,450 ballots............

Let's hope the ballots are mailed out and returned ASAP.   


"More than 35,000 newly registered Colorado voters could see their mail ballots tossed out because of confusion over the need to include a copy of their ID with their votes."


"And according to the Colorado Secretary of State's Office, as of Monday 35,620 first-time voters whose identity had not been verified requested mail ballots."

Those voters should have been instructed to photocopy their driver's license or other identification and include it when they mailed back their ballots. If they fail to, the ballots will be treated as though they are provisional. That means county clerks will attempt after the election to verify the identity of the voter. If they can't, the ballots will be disqualified."

This is such BS....the article speaks about color coding on the ballots which establishes who needs to provide info... This is really sloppy work because the color code is known by the county office and not the voter!

This just smacks of desperation....


An unknown party in Mississippi is circulating a fake sample ballot designed to lead voters in a majority-black district that Sen. Roger Wicker (R) is a Democrat.

An unknown party in Mississippi is circulating a fake sample ballot designed to lead voters in a majority-black district that Sen. Roger Wicker (R) is a Democrat.

Here is a copy of the ballot: http://thehill.com/images/stories/news/2008/november/msballot.pdf