While We Read This: Bailout for AIG swells to more than $150B

Which you can read here, and the stock was tanking, guess what AIG execs were up to.

Oh Ya Another 'It's Paaartiiii Time!!'

Another AIG Resort "Junket": Top Execs Caught on Tape

KNXV Discovers $343,000 Secret Gathering, AIG Signs and Logos Hidden

ABC News just had the report on their World News Tonight show.


November 10, 2008— Even as the company was pleading the federal government for another $40 billion dollars in loans, AIG sent top executives to a secret gathering at a luxury resort in Phoenix last week. Reporters for abc15.com (KNXV) caught the AIG executives on hidden cameras poolside and leaving the spa at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort, despite apparent efforts by the company to disguise its involvement.

There's more at their site, link above, didn't see Rosses Video up yet though

But we can go to the original report at KNXV in Phoenix for that.

AIG execs at posh Phoenix resort after $85 billion bailout

With a couple of Video's as well as another report.

There's another video at the report


To the outside observer, the 2008 Asset Management Conference held this week at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort in Phoenix was nothing out of the ordinary. Conference participants, however, were notable because of the publicity they've received for their role in the ongoing financial crisis. The conference at the posh resort included many senior managers at American International Group, or AIG, one of the world's biggest insurers and recipients in September of more than $85 billion from the federal government.

Now back at the ABC News report we have this:


AIG confirmed that former football quarterback Terry Bradshaw had been scheduled to appear and sign autographs. The company said it canceled Bradshaw's appearance which was to have been paid for by another company that was a sponsor of the event.

I believe they said the Bradshaw signing was going to be a $40,000 payday for Terry, whoops sorry there no ducats this time!!

UpDate: Whoops didn't catch it before but apparently Terry gets the 40grand even though he was canciled, not a bad pay One day, he'll be smilin now!!

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to your stomach.  Talk about rewarding failure. [sign]

And than wondering if I'm finally Losing It, if they had straightjackets still I'd think I'm ready for one!!!

This just gets more and more crazy and it doesn't seem to be bothering many people, I hear squat in complaints!!

"The wise man points to the stars and the fool sees only the finger - and discusses it 24/7 on cable."

I was sitting in the doctor's office today when it came on the news.  Of course I had to make a comment, but I found that most sitting in the waiting room agreed with me.  I struck up quite a conversation with one gentleman and we both agreed that the American people are getting FLEECED!!!

What to do? They PAH-TEE and we foot the bill.

The video embed changes according to their reports, you can see it at the KNXV link.

"The wise man points to the stars and the fool sees only the finger - and discusses it 24/7 on cable."

It switched back, a minute ago it was showing the first snowfall, go figure, well gotta check mail than relax offline.

"The wise man points to the stars and the fool sees only the finger - and discusses it 24/7 on cable."