2008 begins with new investigations into Fired U.S. Attorneys

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Yesterday, overshadowed in the media by global market meltdowns and the discovery of Heath Ledger's body, an article of particular interest to ePluribus Media folk appeared in The Hill. The story, entitled Attorneys probe deepens by Manu Raju promises:

The federal investigation into the firing of nine U.S. attorneys could jolt the political landscape ahead of the November elections, according to several people close to the inquiry.

emphasis mine.

Notable is how involved and engaged several of the fired U.S. Attorneys are in the ongoing investigations. Iglesias, Bogden, Cummins, and McKay are quoted in the article as participating in various aspects of the many inquiries.

According to The Hill, even though there are ongoing and indeed in the words of the author Raju "sprawling" inquiries orchestrated by the Justice Department itself -- by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) and the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) -- two ethics investigations launched by the House and Senate might have bearing on the 2008 elections:

But recent behind-the-scenes activity in several investigations suggests that the issue that roiled Congress in 2007 could re-emerge in the heat of the election year. Two inquiries by the House and Senate ethics committees are examining whether several congressional Republicans, including one running for the Senate this year, improperly interfered with investigations.

Dr. Donald Shields, recently testified (October 2007) before the House about the politicization of U.S. Attorneys and their investigations. His prepared testimony is on the House Judiciary site in PDF format. Additionally, his recap of his testimony, Re-Visiting and Extending the “Political Profiling of Elected Democratic Officials,” includes additional graphs. Dr. Shields's earlier data on is also published on the ePluribus Media Journal. In fact, there were three important pieces in the Dr. Shields series on his longitudinal study on the politicization of U.S. Attorney investigations at the local level of government. All of these are worth revisiting in light of the new House and Senate ethics investigations.

  • Working with ePluribus Media fact checkers and editors JeninRI, Standingup, Bronxdem, Roxy and Cho, Dr. Shields published a mid-study snapshot of his data Political Profiling
  • Roxy Caraway talked to Dr. Shields Interview with Dr. Shields about the reactions to his work.
  • And then in October, working with ePluribus Media fact checkers and editors, Roxy, Standingup, Bronxdem, JeninRI, and OhioRebel, Dr. Shields released another mid-study snapshot in October of 2007 which was the transcript of his testimony before the Congressional Committee and referenced widely by media organizations, large and small: Re-Visiting and Extending the “Political Profiling of Elected Democratic Officials”
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Grabbed this paragraph from article:

Congressional aides expect the status of the inquiries to arise Jan. 30, when Michael Mukasey testifies for the first time as attorney general before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

I've been trying to see what time or where to look for this hearing on c-span but no luck. If anyone finds out info...would you please give me a heads up.

about the firings would be appropriate at this point...do you have one handy?

If you have one, please feel free to add it...

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