Assaulting Cheney; contradictions in Secret Service agents' statements

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Yesterday saw some new developments in a year old "assault charge" against Steven Howard who in 2006 walked up to Vice Cheney on a Colorado ski resort street, told him that the Iraq war was "disgusting," accepted Vice President's Cheney's thank you and as he was leaving, patted the Vice President on the shoulder. David Olinger's Denver Post story Cheney fights release of videos seems to indicate that there is more than just varying version of what constitutes assault. Cheney's office wants to block the video depositions of the conflicting reports of his aides -- Charles Durkin who described the pat on the shoulder as a "pat" and White House photographer David Bohrer who described it as a "slap."

An earlier article, on January 18th, 2008 by Kirk Johnson revisited the Secret Service: Detailed Look at ’06 Turmoil arrest of Steven Howards after he denounced the war in Iraq to Vice President Dick Cheney at a Colorado ski resort. The "statements that said there had been contact, but no assault."

There are further complications... and some slight twists... odd that Cheney would want to block the release of the why?

Mr. Howard is filing charges against Secret Service agents who arrested him. In his November 19, 2007 disposition, he states that he approached Vice President Cheney, told him that his policies in Iraq were disgusting. According to Howard, Vice President Cheney thanked him and then Howard put his open hand on Cheney's shoulder and then walked away.

The recent Denver Post article demonstrates the difference in the depositions:

Durkin, who no longer works for Cheney, said Howards walked up to the vice president in "a determined fashion," and "you know, just places his hand on the vice president's arm and shook his hand and made a statement regarding Iraq policy and departed."

He described Cheney's reaction as "very calm. He just shook his hand and said OK, and that's — that's his — sort of kept on going."

Bohrer said Howards "came up and slapped the back of the vice president in the upper shoulder area." Cheney "was startled," he said.

Bohrer demonstrated the alleged slap in his deposition. But he took no photos of what he called an unprecedented incident or of Howards.

Howards' lawyer, David Lane, said the witnesses demonstrated two completely different actions on videotape — a violent slap versus "my client shaking the vice president's hand and gently touching his arm. People are lying about this."

Although the Vice President's office is trying to block the release of the videos, both Charles Durkin's and David Bohrer's contradictory depositions have been transcribed and are available online.

So why do you think Cheney's office is really trying to block these videos... is truly to protect Bohrer and Durkin from the baddies at YOUtube?

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Following is an excerpt from the nytimes article:

Mr. Lane said he had requested that Mr. Cheney submit to a deposition but that he had been repeatedly turned down by the vice president’s lawyers. But Mr. Lane said the mire of accusations and counteraccusations that have been exposed by the Secret Service testimony has made Mr. Cheney an indispensable witness.

“Given the wide differences of view, he is the only one with certain knowledge,” Mr. Lane said. He said he planned to file a motion next week in Federal District Court in Washington to compel Mr. Cheney’s participation.

(thank you, Avahome, for including the entire links, very interesting reading, I must add) -- what is Cheney's office so afraid of in the video representations of "pat" versus "slap"? All I can think of is that the demonstrations must be incredibly revealing of something.

Does he have an anger-management problem!

Judge indicates he will order Cheney's testimony in lawsuit
By GEORGE MERRITT Associated Press Writer
Article Last Updated: 03/11/2008 03:23:06 PM MDT

DENVER—A federal magistrate indicated Tuesday he will order Vice President Dick Cheney to give sworn testimony in a lawsuit by a man who claims he was wrongly arrested after approaching Cheney.

Magistrate Judge Craig B. Shaffer did not issue an order but said Cheney is a key witness whose deposition appears to be crucial to the case.

Shaffer said he will issue a written decision later.

Seems Cheney's lawyer tried to put the kabosh on this due to VP being so darn busy doing the people's business and Cheney being a celebrity and all.............

Hot flash...Cheney puts his pants on just like everyone else. Inquiring minds want to know just the facts...and I don't think that's being pissy!

Finally finally Cheney has to come clean on this incident.  Stay's been a long time coming.

Cheney Deposition Is Ordered in Lawsuit by Protester

DENVER — Former Vice President Dick Cheney will have to give his account — under oath, in a legal deposition — of what happened at a Colorado ski resort in June 2006 when a man stepped up to protest the Iraq war and was arrested, a federal district judge ruled Monday.

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Mr. Howards’s lawyer, David A. Lane, said that the deposition would be videotaped and that Mr. Cheney would have to be served with court papers before a date for the deposition could be se


So this means these SS agents do not have immunity. So what's it gonna be boys......appeal or go to trial.


DENVER — A Colorado man can sue two Secret Service agents who arrested him after he touched former Vice President Dick Cheney on the arm in 2006 and told him his Iraq War policies were "disgusting," a federal appeals court ruled Monday.

The ruling means Steven Howards can try to subpoena Cheney to testify about the incident, said David Lane, Howards' attorney.
A three-judge panel of the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Howards can sue agents Virgil D. "Gus" Reichle Jr., and Dan Doyle on First Amendment grounds. But the court ruled that two other agents named in the lawsuit are immune in the case.

Mr. Howards is a man I admire. Would sure be nice to hear from Mr. Cheney.