Crossposted w/Permission: Respected Journalist Fired For Opposing Bill O'Reilly

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Respected journalist fired for opposing Bill O'Reilly
by dorothyinchina

Tue May 27, 2008 at 09:20:06 AM EDT

Over and over agin on DK, people ask the question, "Why doesn't the MSM stand up to the people who lie, who distort the truth, who bring their own twisted agendas to the news?"

Here is the answer, plain and simple: they're afraid. They have families and kids to put through college, mortgages and car payments. They simply can't afford to tell the truth.

If anyone doubts how risky it is to take a stand, here is a case in point: Boston's Barry Nolan.

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Respected veteran journalist Barry Nolan was fired a week ago by Comcast after he protested the decision of the local chapter of the New England Academy (the people who award Emmy's) to give Bill O'Reilly a major award at its annual awards ceremony. Barry had e-mailed members of the chapter to protest "an appalling choice for an honor." He knew he was risking his job.

Nolan's criticisms of O'Reilly include: "He's delusional... He mangles the facts. He inflates and constantly mangles the truth."

At the ceremony, he handed out printed statements until security was called and he was asked to leave.

Barry has been a respected broadcaster in Boston since the early 1980's. His professionalism, intelligence, competence and integrity are unquestioned. I am not a constitutional lawyer, but doesn't this kind of thing come under the heading of "Freedom of Speech"? Can an employer fire a competent employee who, on his own time, expresses an opinion contrary to the corporate line? And is the rest of the progressive community going to sit around and let Barry tough it out alone?

We keep asking for MSM professionals to take up the rallying cry. He did and now he's unemployed. Can we find a way to rally the troops?

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A Note from GreyHawk:

I have asked the author that if she has contact with Mr. Nolan, she should direct him here to drop us a note; I am interested in doing a followup and direct interview with him.

If you know Mr. Nolan or can get a message to him, or if you ~are~ Mr. Nolan, please contact me through the link above, directing the form to "editor" -- the site editors will receive it and I'll be able to respond. Thank you.

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