Winds of Change, Comfortably Numb

The winds of change are blowing; are we numb to them?

Just thought I'd ask.

Happy Friday.

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Good videos GH... I came across a neat scenario this morning and thought I'd put the link up....

Black Screen.

Fade into:

Scene of a thin grey haired man standing in a green field. Behind him we can see the sun is rising.

"I got the change I deserved with GOP"

Cut to a small child, in a sun dress, who looks up at him and smiles.

"I was tired, listless. I had lost interest in my usual activities--creating false attacks, acting as if I had been unfairly attacked about issues created out of whole cloth, drawing specious historical parallels, fawning over ideologically bankrupt manufactured father figures. Sure, I sent emails claiming that Obama was a Muslim, but had lost the spark, the enjoyment of everyday life."

Cut to a child who rides by on a bicycle, and throws a newspaper on the front porch.

"That's when I found GOP." on

One comment stood out in particular: a user asked if GOP was covered by his/her crappy HMO plan.

That gave me an idea -- what about ending the piece with a rapidly-spoken disclaimer that says that "GOP is not covered by most HMO plans; taking GOP without a prescription or for a protracted period of time may lead to bouts of nausea, vomiting, torture and rendition in others and an increasing paranoid xenophic reaction that could lead to violent bursts, acts of violence or insanity..."

and your idea works for me!

What is interesting is how much Pink Floyd's The Wall says society is like The Matrix.

I looked up MATRIX in a dictionary. The example it gave was, "Rome is the matrix of western civilization."


When in Rome conform to The Matrix.

Kill an economist for Karl