Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern's Anti-Gay Rant

On March 7, 2008, a jawdroppingly vile screed against gays by Oklahoma House of Representatives member Sally Kern.

It was pointed out to me by peskydang of Delphiforums, who found it on Crooks and Liars, who found it at Pam's House Blend. Kossack jmbranum wrote it up yesterday, here -- it's still rec'able. Please bump it up. I'm going to post the video (really just the audio, but with a video someone added to it) below the fold.

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If she's up for re-election this year, please help OK find a normal person to put in her place...someone well-balanced and grounded in reality, without the not-very-subtle GOP/Fundie hate programming leaking out the ears...

Side note: The OK House recently passed two resolutions probably worth looking into to get an idea of what kind of shenanigans the GOP may be trying to pull off at state levels.

1. House Republicans unveil their ‘Year of Solutions’ 2008 agenda: it's written in the "sound happy / sound positive" sort of doublespeak that brings about a sense of foreboding. Okie Kossacks, is anyone keeping an eye on these fruitloops? The next one is even worse, and may indicate the Republican equivalent of attempting to slip their hate agenda and its twisted reasoning in under the radar...

2. Constitutional Convention Resolution Passes House: This pertains to the State Constitution, but I've heard rumblings from various corners that the Fundies and Conservatives would like to try to finagle a federal Convention; this could just be a dry run. I've not checked deeply enough into it to see if other states are also passing similar resolutions -- anybody know?

We have to remember to keep checking all levels of power and influence at all times; the people who seek to undermine the nation work constantly, at all levels, and those who wish to protect it and prevent them from influencing reality with rhetoric and propaganda must be ever-vigilant.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

      -- Thomas Jefferson

I suspect that Jefferson knew what he was talking about here. The Republican Party of today has become simply a vehicle for the achievement one narrowly defined set of goals -- achieving and holding power at all costs, and protecting their own from investigations that could expose them for corruption, perversion or require them to accept accountability and responsibility.

It's time to encourage people to walk away from that shallow, hollowed-out husk of a "party" and let it die on the vine; those people who believed in the genuine principles behind the party need to abandon the hypocritically hopeless and re-formulate their party away from the corrupted influences, so they can serve the nation once again.

Hopefully, we can start by ousting brittle-minded bigoted folks like Kern from our local, state and federal government.

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