Open Letter to U.S. Presidential Candidates

Submitted by tapsearcher with a request to cross-post.

The American Dream is Burning not only in the USA but across the globe. If this is a good economy, I would hate to see a bad one. Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans exposed a vast underclass living in a silent depression. The same applies for most of our major cities and towns across the land.

Why did 46,000 people apply for only about a 1000 jobs at 3 new Wal-Mart stores in Cleveland, Ohio and in Chicago suburbs ? ( These are only near minimum wage jobs with limited benefits - Reportedly, many workers at Wal-Mart have to seek government help to survive. )

Why is human dignity in the work day under such an attack ?

Who said we had to compete like this in a global economic arena?

Did Globalization and Free Trade evolve in a natural economic way or have they been driven by powerful forces outside the will of the people?

Why did the federal government sponsor the moving of factories outside the USA starting in 1956? It was supposed to be just a temporary program. Why did it continued for so many years evolving into so called Free Trade?

With more than 4,000 U.S. factories moved to Mexico, why do so many Mexican workers migrate to the USA seeking economic survival ?

When did the historical definition of Free Trade change to include the moving of production and factories from place to place for the sake of cheaper labor?

Why was labor made a major commodity in Free Trade? Isn't trade supposed to be about trading products and not workers?

Why did we chop up our local value added economies and send the pieces to far away places around the world? With our industrial power, we were able to restore local value economies in Asia and Europe. Shouldn't economic success be based on duplication and not
monopolization ?

How can the overhead of long haul ocean, air, rail, trucking shipping and packaging compete with local value added economies? ( As noted in the Dark Side of Energy Saving Light Bulbs posts here a Phillyfuture org, it takes 8000 miles of energy for these light bulbs to get to the USA from China where they are made under questionable dirty manufacturing conditions - all we hear about his the lead coated toys. ) ( Gore was VP during the consummation of Free Trade. Is he really "green" ? )

Doesn't this mean, we have to protect our interests on a global basis now creating a new kind of colonialism which inherently breeds wars and terrorism ?

Alan Greenspan in his book The Age of Turbulence, uses Adam Smith to defend Globalization and Free Trade. Adam Smith held labor as something sacred and the core of societies. Why do Globalist Free Traders leave this part out when they use Adam Smith's essays ?

Alan Greenspan does not have the term "Free Enterprise" in the index of his book - The Age of Turbulence - perhaps the turbulence is due to the denial of the "Free Enterprise" system. He writes only about the Free Market. However, the Free Market stops at the door of the Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve is just a master bank acting as a monopoly in control of the flow of money. How is this possible in a so called Free Market? Shouldn't the flow of money be competitive too?

History tells us the USA will leave Iraq just like all the other outside nations have in the past. Most likely the situation will be worst than it what it was before we went in. Why not save time and lives and just withdraw in an orderly manner?

Why did the USA change from a nation ready to provide humanitarian help to nations in conflict instead of getting involved in the conflicts?

Why do the Free Traders keep talking about future success when we have a long history of failures with generations of workers being sacrificed at the altar of greed?

Why do Democrats ignore the fact that it was President Bill Clinton and a Democrat controlled Congress who passed the unfair NAFTA and GATT trade agreements, consummating Free Trade and Globalization?

Why are the Republicans the war party now? In the past, they emphasized the balance of power before resorting to war?

Finally, why is there a communication by rank? Why are so many people in the USA and other countries outside looking in at the celebration by the Globalists and Free Traders ?

Why do workers have no voice in the process of Globalization and Free Trade? And we repeat - who said we had to compete like this in a global economic arena ?

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