Open Minds

Hat-tip to Kisa and EmersonHost of Delphi.

The following is a lengthy but nonetheless worthwhile video about open-mindedness, posted to YouTube by QualiaSoup on March 31, 2009:

Share it widely. It's not likely to open the minds of many who have already sealed their minds shut, but it might catch a few off guard, squeak past their "evidence" filters and lodge itself in the recesses of the mind, where it will lay in wait for the perfect moment to leap out and surprise them with a critical thought or momentary lapse of insanity...bwah-hahahahaha!

*Ahem*  Sorry. We now return to your regularly scheduled thread, already in progress...

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Comments's an important public service message:*

Heh. Have fun teabagging 'round the nation, folks.

*not safe for work!! Hat-tip Lordrag.