Republican Resignations: read 'em as "Redeployments"

Remember when the blogosphere lit up with comments about the resignation of Karl Rove? Rove Resigns! echoed across sites across the world.

But that was too simple. Too easy.

Rove didn't resign -- he wasn't going away. He was being redeployed.

In games of skill, a strategic position and a powerful piece can make the difference against superior forces, superior numbers or even a better player. Through the course of the game, a wise player sometimes withdraws pieces to new strategic locations in order to protect them, keeping them alive and on the board for re-use at opportune times. They aren't retired so much as moved out of immediate play until they can be strategically re-introduced.

Like Karl Rove. His "resignation" wasn't a sign of impending retirement; he's not heading to the hills. Right now, he's currently engaged in actively rewriting history as part of his new role as strategic manager of historical revisionism.

It's a common Republican ploy, currently being implemented across a score of chessboards. Trent Lott, Dennis Hastert, Tom DeLay -- all of them "resigning" to gain cover from ongoing investigations that could further damage (and expose) the wave of corruption running through the core of today's Republican party.

And all of them working on plans to strategically re-enter the public sphere in ways that enable them to play a new hand at an old game -- spinning. Propaganda. Disinformation. Delusion. Misdirection. Revisionism.


Keep in mind that the current slew of Republican resignations is not, in and of itself, good news. The Battle for America is still on, raging across the nation.

The players on the Bush Republican team -- the corrupt and ever-tainted Republicans of today -- are playing to win. They don't live in the reality-based world. They don't believe that we have the right to prosecute them for their crimes.

They believe they have the undisputable divine right to lie, cheat, steal and hate without any consequence; no true morals, no real ethics, no accountability and no liability for their thoughtless, selfish arrogance.

They are not "quitting" or retiring from the game.

They are redeploying.

Do NOT take your eyes off the ball.

Impeach, convict, remove, indict, prosecute and imprison.

Do NOT pardon, do NOT commute their sentences!

They are banking on leniency above all -- do NOT give it to them. We would not be in this position if we followed the law and the proscribed punishments at the time of Nixon or Bush Senior. We did not. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AGAIN, and DO NOT allow Congress to make it for us.

Thank you.

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that Rove announced his resignation ... not resigned, reassigned. The bush presidency is all but over and he can't do any more damage good there, so he might as well go work for a viable campaign. [sigh]

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If it's true that our species is alone in the universe, then I'd have to say that the universe aimed rather low and settled for very little. ~ George Carlin

and easily exposed -- or even ~more~ patently ridiculous than -- his first foray into revisionist history.


They reminded me why Kucinich is my favorite candidate when I watch the Democratic Debates. I'm sure you are right about the redeployments.