Re-inventing the Reel -- ePluribus Media Donation Drive

We need your support! In order to keep on doing what we do and expand our services in 2008, we are turning to you -- our community -- for support.

2007 Recap ... ePluribus Media folks have been busy!

Members testifying before congress ...

  • Dr. Shields testified before the congressional hearings, reporting on his longitudinal study into US Attorney investigations;
  • Ilona Meagher (along with Penny Coleman and the Bowmans)were in Washington to testify at the congressional hearings into VA affairs.

Others have

  • run for political office,
  • managed campaigns,
  • researched extensively, and
  • worked to keep ePluribus Media humming.

This has boosted our credibility and our visibility.

The tech team completed our move to the new sites! The updated software gives us wonderful collaborative features which we would like to leverage into reporting and team building to further our goal of delivering the news to you.

Our beta News Bureau in Ohio came online in June of 2007. Kudos to John Spinelli, Bureau Chief and his core team -- avahome and cedwyn.

We are growing -- in membership and credibility and we need your financial support now, more than ever.

PURPOSE: We need to purchase tools for the following projects:

Candidate Interviews

In 2006 we leveraged our membership base to bring you candidate interviews. We are recruiting citizen journalists in every state and district to provide interviews with Candidates running for public office.

Equipment for Journalists:

  • Digital Recorders,
  • Professional Transcription Services

Research Tools

In order to be effective in their fact-checking, our researchers need access to subscriptions and tools.

GOAL: $25,000.00

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