Saturday Afternoon Open Thread: Unknown History and Hidden Literary Perspectives, Vampires and Zombies Edition

Funny, I'd missed that part of history class. And I was sure I couldn't recall any zombies in Pride and Prejudice.

Oh well...now, apparently, the 'truth' comes out...(I wonder if the Tea Party, Fox News or the GOP will agree with this twist on history and literature?).

In any event, whether history and literature are harboring hidden encounters and stories of vampires and zombies or not, there's just one important thing to keep in the back of your mind while contemplating the possibilities: This is an Open Thread.

Why I wince whenever I hear someone say "Break a leg!"

Taken from one of my recent Facebook updates...crossposted to DailyKos. -- GH

I know that's considered good luck for those in the entertainment industry, but I wince whenever I see that now -- and particularly (perhaps most importantly), any derivative of "if you ever get hit by a bus/car/etc." ...

I was working... as a team leader in the healthcare industry, part of the IT department of a major PPO insurance plan managed care provider, and three days in a row I had three different individuals say to me "If you ever get hit by a bus, we're screwed."


Saturday Morning Open Thread: The Doctor's Wife And Daughter, Dr. Who Edition

I can just imagine the conversation:

"Mom, I'm getting married."
"Oh, really? That's wonderful, dear! What's he like?"

"He's wonderful. He's The Doctor."
"He's a doctor? How grand!"
"Well, errrr, no -- not 'a' doctor. The Doctor. That's his name."
"That's who's name?"

For those who are "Doctor Who" afficionados, the news is that David Tennant and Georgia Moffet are to be wed on News Years Day, 2012. Tennant is the 10th incarnation of the television character "Doctor Who" and Moffet played the incarnation of his daughter during Tennant's run as the Tenth Doctor. Moffet, meanwhile, is the daughter of Peter Davison, who played the Fifth Doctor.

Talk about the perils of time travel...

I guess it's appropriate that I just finished reading the copy of The Man Who Folded Himself by David Gerrold, which I received as a Christmas gift...

Congratulations, David and Georgia -- and to all you Doctor Who fans out there.

This is an Open Thread.

Podsafe Christmas Open Thread

Today is Christmas Day, for those who celebrate the holiday. In the spirit of the un-traditional, here's another Jonathon Coulter song, a la the video talents of Mike "Spiff" Booth.


Today's OT is brought to you by Spiffworld and features a video by Mike Spiff Booth and music by Jonathan Coulton.

"Merry Christmas" Open Thread, Chiron Beta Prime Edition

Merry Christmas, from your seasonally mellow and somewhat deranged Open Thread (and friends) here on ePluribus Media. :)

Today's OT is brought to you by Spiffworld and features a video by Mike Spiff Booth and music by Jonathan Coulton.

Open Thread - Notes From The Grinch

Something that gets lost in the news about the unemployed is the fact that much of what used to be the backbone of this nation's economic prowess, the middle class, is now the working poor:

Imagine That: Working Poor On The Rise

After the Republicans crashed to economy in 2008 one thing became immediately clear. It would not be the folks who can afford it who would pay for the excesses of the last few decades. No, the elitist millionaires in Congress and the White House would make sure they kept their precious tax breaks. Yes, the only group that would be expected to sacrifice just like always would be the working American. Now a new study is out showing just how much they did sacrifice.

One can only hope that Capitol Hill is really ready to grow its heart a few sizes before things get any worse. But if the media and the politicians are unable to even address the issue of Class War honestly, I can't see them actually fixing the problems. Not in the the favor of the average American, for certain.

Below the fold is a hint from the ghost of Christmas past as to what this sometimes Grinchy like kind of guy may post on soon...

Saturday Morning Open Thread: Dweeb, Geek or Nerd -- Venn Diagram Edition

Via Mashable,1 where do you fall in the diagram below?

Are you a dweeb, a geek or a nerd?

While pondering the importance of this critical piece of self-analysis, remember: this is an Open Thread.


1 Hat-tip to JRichards of DelphiForums.

Open Thread - You know you would have been there had you known

Or, at least, your kids would certainly have whisked you away had they known.

Fortunately for you, The Rachel Maddow Show's Kent Jones stopped by and snagged you some video so you can see a bit of what you missed:

Quidditch World Cup IV from The Rachel Maddow Show on Vimeo.

Quidditch World Cup IV

"46 Teams 757 Athletes 1 World Champion"

Feel free to sweep up some interesting dirt and hide it in comments where we keep the Goblins, House Elves, the occasional Troll and maybe even some other popular mythical creatures under the Open Thread fold.

It is nearing the end of Silly Season - Bring on the Crazy

There has been a lot of recent news on violence and even the typical dirty tricks of the campaign season, but the BBC was kind enough to document some of funny crazy, the things that candidates and campaigns have done that are so crazy you have to laugh at them:

US elections 2010: Craziest campaign moments

There are few more more compelling political spectacles than an American election. It seems that each cycle, the public is treated to more and more entertaining gaffes, one-liners and downright strange behaviour.

It's hard to forget John Kerry wind surfing or Michael Dukakis's adventures in an armoured tank. Sarah Palin's joke in 2008 about the difference between a pit-bull and a hockey mom (lipstick) was rated hilarious by some and cringe-inducing by others.

But have this year's political antics reached a new level of craziness?

Here are nine memorable moments.

Below the fold is a little bit of music you can use to accompany your reading pleasure.


Legend of the Guardians

The film is based loosely on Kathryn Lasky's book series, Guardians of Ga'Hoole. Produced by the same digital effects company that brought us Happy Feet, the visual effects are reportedly stunning.  However ... according to the reviews at Rotten Tomatoes this is not a movie to take your kids to:

It's being promoted as "from the studio that brought you Happy Feet." But this is Angry Talons. 

Friday Early Morning Open Thread: The Teabagger National Anthem, Lunatic Fringe Edition

And now, a suitably disturbing video for a suitably disturbed group of people, Red Rider's 'Lunatic Fringe' -- a perfect description, if not a perfect national anthem, for those teabagging Tea Party "activists" who are, for all intents and purposes, nothing more than disillusioned conservative Republicans and a few handfuls of mislead citizens sponsored by a couple of billionaire Libertarians.

Happy Friday, folks.

And remember, this is an Open Thread.

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

When my kids were growing up, we played a lot of computer games and one of our favorites was PoP (Prince of Persia). While I have not played the newer releases of the game, the 1990 version was a standards setter for game play, so the movie was high on my list of "want to see"s.

I bought the movie on its DVD release date, but only just had the chance to watch.  

Prince of Persia, Sands of Time is a very fun movie. Gyllenhaal plays Dastan, a poor boy who's courage impresses the king of Persia and he is adopted into the royal family. 

The movie opens with the Persian army preparing to attack the holy city of Alamut. Historically Alamut is home to the hashshashin a secret order of assassins rumored to have consumed hashish before carrying out their diabolical deeds.