Other tapes that the WH wants to destroy, if they haven't already

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See Update at the bottom.

Do you remember Abu Ghraib?

Do you remember the pictures?

...do you recall what you never did see, but the existence of which was confirmed?

"...those women who were arrested with young boys/children in cases that have been recorded. The boys were sodomized with the cameras rolling. The worst about all of them is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking that your government has. They are in total terror it's going to come out."

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Shut down the Bush Administration now.

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On Monday, 28 November 2005, a basketball-sized chunk of marble fell of the facade at the front of the Supreme Court. The piece came off just above the figure of Authority, damaging it, and to the right of Liberty, balancing the scales of justice.

It was quite fitting.

The ruckus over the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme court was just heating up.

Authority in the face of Justice, damaged and in need of repair.

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Many folks are covering the news of the White House's little "oopsie" over emails and backup tapes that have been lost -- I'm not going to touch that.

I'm also not going to touch anything to do with the lost / destroyed CIA Interrogation tapes, although this is probably related.

No, the issue I'm bringing up is one that is even more heinous than waterboarding. I gave it away, obviously, in the segment above the fold, but here are three quick links to check -- only the target site locations are listed; the topic regards actions initiated under the Bush regime.

Democratic Underground



It's a "blast from the past" with serious implications and potentially foundation-cracking repurcussions.

Why do conservatives hate America?

Why do Republicans hate brown people, and children?

Hell, why are Republicans striving so hard to defend the Bush Administration against the mounting evidence of heretofore unimaginable heights of criminal, inhumane behavior?

Why are the Democrats not relentlessly pounding them, confronting them with the mounting evidence and demanding that they all, now, sit down and remove the blight that is currently coasting toward a cushy retirement and scrambling hard to fake a legacy?

This. Must. Be. Stopped.

Please email this to your Congressional representatives.

Include this, too.

Destruction of evidence isn't accidental with these guys. It's intentional, and will continue until they win, or until Justice is restored.

Which is it going to be, folks?

Have a nation of laws, or another banana?

UPDATE! -- Folks, here's an action item. In the same way that the WH was pelted with broccoli after an infamous Bush the Elder-ism, let's inundate Congress with bananas.  From the idea I posted in this comment in Diary Rescue:

Hey, folks! Send BANANAS to Congress!

I was just thinking, in my diary's comments, that we should send bananas to Congress until they give up, give in and remove the Bush Administration.

Bring bananas to all Dem rallys. Share them with the candidates.

Give 'em a copy of my diary -- and it's linked references.

Tell them to stand up for something ~now~ and ask 'em to send a crate of bananas to the White House, and to support their colleagues in the efforts to remove the most criminal Administration in history.

I'd love to see Congress awash in a sea of bananas, and for any of our "leaders" who are running for President lead the way.

Carrying a banana, of course.

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