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"WASHINGTON -- A top presidential adviser says the U.S. is in an "economic war" - one that is not being won yet. Economic aide Christina Romer says she agrees with investment mogul Warren Buffett, who used the "economic war" phrase last week to describe the nation's economic woes."

No, it's not 'war'. If Chrissie really wants a war, I believe a goodly portion of the public would oblige. But I don't really think that's what she meant, and fully expect a 'correction' momentarily. After all, this is the new 'change' administration, not the bad old 'reality is what we tell you' propagandists of three months + eight years ago. Right? Right?

The last thing I want to see is a resurgence of the "war" talk mentalities.

I'm wondering if part of the reason for it isn't to woo new converts or sway the reality-based masses, but instead to give conservatives a momentary pause in the rabid attacks -- tho I don't want to give to much unwarranted credit for subtlety until this Administration has slogged through its first year.  50+ days isn't a lot of time to set a foundation, and tho there are some things I perceive as mis-steps occurring I'm also seeing some great progress toward unraveling a lot of the damages that have been wrapped around our collective ankles.

Some of that "undoing" is being done in a way that doesn't make a lot of sense up front, but after looking at a few items through the prism of political hackery, it appears that some is being done in a way that provides leverage against the internal forces that are leftover by BushCo.

I'm curious as to how much of this is merely my hope overriding my perceptions; time will tell.