We're Killing Ourselves

We're killing ourselves.


The nation's armed forces were put into Iraq on false premises, with poor judgement by the senior officials of the Bush Administration, and then subjected to extended stop-loss rotation extensions, reduced recovery times and abysmal medical care track records.

It's taking a toll.  Not only in terms of damage (physical, emotional, spiritual and financial) but in terms of our ongoing security, both foreign and domestic. 

And now this:

Deadly shooting at US base in Iraq

Five US soldiers have been killed by a fellow soldier at their base in Baghdad, according to the US military.


The shooting was the highest death toll for US military personnel in a single attack since April 10, when a suicide blast killed five US soldiers near a police headquarters in the northern city of Mosul.

There have been a number of previous incidents in which US soldiers have attacked their colleagues in Iraq.

The last such report was on September 14 when US sergeant Joseph Bozicevich shot dead two of his superiors at a base south of the capital.

We need to get out. And we need to prosecute those who put us in there to begin with, because they're the same people who also created the torture program, the illegal warrantless wiretap program, the fiascos tied to the politicalization of the DoJ and hiding the problems with veteran's healthcare...and they were supposed to be setting an example.

Not destroying the rule of law, or breaking our military.

Not invading other countries or trying to score political points at the expense of our nation, our laws or our people.

Haven't we had enough yet, folks?

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This made my blood run cold. "informant" or torture victim?  The report says that he was another victim of the the US policy of using torture to extract what? Information or quasi-information that could be used to justify an unjustifiable war.

Libya reports prison suicide of top al Qaeda "informant".

A Libyan Islamist whose fabricated testimony about al Qaeda was used by the United States to justify its 2003 invasion of Iraq has killed himself in his Libyan jail cell, a Libyan newspaper reported on Monday. Human rights groups in the West demanded an immediate investigation into the death of Ali Mohamed Abdelaziz al Fakhiri, 46, also known as Ibn Sheikh al-Libi and a key figure in U.S. intelligence reports on al Qaeda before the war. In London, Reprieve, an organization of human rights lawyers said it was alarmed by the report of Fakhiri's death. "Reprieve demands the truth about the reported death of Ibn Sheikh al Libi, the 'informer' whose statements -- obtained by torture -- were used to justify the Iraq war," it said in a statement. The paper said former friends of Fakhiri cast doubt on his reported suicide, arguing that the former mosque preacher from the coastal Ajdabiya town knew suicide was prohibited by Islam.