Strange Daze And Guardian Tribbles

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Over the past few weeks, amid weird mishaps and unexpected issues, I've been thinking a lot about Mumsie, my mother-in-law who passed away from Alzheimer's Disease two years ago. I've been working to catch up on items I've got to finish for a special project I'm working on with another Kossack on the topic of Caregiving, so she's naturally not been far from my mind.

And perhaps we've not been far from hers.

Two weeks ago, on a really cold night, I checked our thermostats before heading to bed. The one in the back room, which controls the heat for the back room and Mumsie's former bedroom upstairs, had been cranked all the way up -- just the Mumsie used to crank it up when she was still with us. I figured either Wifey or myself must've accidentally done it.

Last night, I saw a coin on the floor in front of the couch were Malamute Jack was relaxing. I bent over to pick it up, and realized it was a golden guardian angel coin from a collection of coins that Mumsie had pulled together into a plastic bag, then stuffed into a sock and hid in a drawer, upstairs. We'd uncovered it a while ago, but only recently fully dissected it.

Couldn't figure out how the coin had gotten downstairs, tho, away from the other coins.

Tonight, Ember-dog started playing with something on the couch that was making a trilling sound. Wifey went over to investigate, and found that it was a tribble -- a sci-fi toy that we'd purchased at a convention from writer David Gerrold a few years ago. It was a convention we took Mumsie to, and where Mr. Gerrold greeted her warmly. She was tickled pink.

We'd taken the battery out of the tribble about a year and half ago so we wouldn't forget it was there.

And now it's got a battery in it and it's happily trilling whenever bopped.

Neither Wifey nor I recall putting a new battery back into it.

Strange daze.

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I've got the nickname "King of Coincidence" for several reasons, and this appears to be simply add to it.

So what's up with the rest of you?

Just kidding... Innocent

Usually, when strange things happen, they happen around me...and I am known for engineering weird things on purpose for a laugh, too, so I'm usually found at fault even when I've no idea how/why something happened.